Dream of Lucifer' arch Angel

My close friend " dawgy" had a dream of going to hell and coming back as Lucifer’s Arch Angel.

I did a sex spell with Lilith and that night he dreamt of that he doesn’t dream much but has visions only I have been trying to get him to dream using spells .

I told reason he had dream so you know it wasn’t a normal dream thing

May you please tell me why he dreamt this or what it means


Your friend is not the only one to have dreams like that. I have had dreams about seeing all the legions of hell and note you should know they are not all hideous as hollywood has depicted them to be. I have seen angels and demons alike and they are actually quite beautiful in reality. What spells you cast for yourself should only work for you unless you are using your friend as a doorway to learning about the spiritual and the supernatural.

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POWER! Lol Rebirthed by the flame…Dark side is calling, with promise.

Let me put it like this, a cat entered a palace and came out as a lion. Feel me? It’s bigger than thought.


Thats understandable my friend to have such a dream as that but has your friend ever met lucifer in person because i have many times and dreams can act as gateways to other truths. It all determines how they are preceived by the viewer. Does he see it as a good sign or a bad. Maybe he see’s himself coming into power as a literal being of lucifers right hand man or maybe it has other meanings as lucifer has more than one personality. Maybe the dream is him trying to tell your friend something important is going to happen however what ever choice he makes its all about decisions. There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Hope that helps


This doesn’t concern Lucifer at all. We all know how great Lucifer is, so the Dark Side is calling, and assuring him of greatness if he comes.

Not relating to Lucifer in anyway, but a proverb that, 'If you come to me, I shall make you like this’

But to be honest, I don’t believe their words. Yes, there ate those among them who give this words, this visions and make it happen but few complete it or fulfil it, they just find something to attract the person, and once “in”, no-thing.
So the choice is left for this friend… A word of advice, dark sides can’t be trusted. Many has joined, walk deep into LHP because of promises like these but get nothing, none of the promises was fulfilled by them.

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Thats good to know. Thanks for the insight brother or sister. Question for you have you ever met lucifer in a dream or in life as in real like near death experience because i am dead serious when i say i have. I met lucifer 3 times in my life and each time was a near death case except the last one he just made his appearance known to me at a friends funeral. 1st time i nearly drowned in the santiam river in oregon and i was 16, second time i was hit by a car and walked away from it unscathed, third time my gallbladder nearly exploded back last year. Those were the near death cases that i saw and met with him. The off case i met with him was 11 years back at a friends funeral but that was different circumstances and it wasnt about me. You got any insight as to what that could mean for me? Any insight is welcomed. Thank you


Not in a dream, but in life, eye to eye.

Please, let me clear this: Lucifer isn’t a babarous, terrible, heartless, accursed, wicked Spirit that the world preach about. No ill intent in his mind to any human, any one, regardless of the path you’re treading, be it RHP or LHP.

So my point is, you should do divination to confirm my words, Lucifer isn’t the Spirits that you have seen.

He doesn’t work like this. No. He’s not a being of fear or terror.

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So in me seeing him as an angel then this is not him?

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Perhaps it’s something about his godform?


He is in the craft from what I know he would practice

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