Dream of King Belial

So I’ve only slightly have worked with King Belial before and last night I was working with Moloch actually. Anyway just saying I have limited experience with Belial.

Also, I use some film language when describing my dreams.

Though I had a dream about him last night, kind of. It was a BALG post made by E.A. I think about how Belial could be called upon to answer all questions and help all matters (I know that’s not all correct but there some message in there). And I saw his sigil and it to cut to a book written about Belial again with his sigil.
Then it cut to the girl I like sending me a video of her and her roommates messing around I guess with an ending message wishing me luck and such.

I get this could mean he wants to work with me, or it’s an invitation or he could help me out in some way that has to do with the girl I like since she showed up. Idk just interesting. I wanted to share and get other people’s thoughts.

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It seems so. Belial can answer that. I feel you should contact him and belial surely can help you.

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Yeah I need to!

Pretty nutty how it was a post at one point about Belial talking him up then switch’s to how your basically being summoned by him so he can help you showing how willing he is to be your friend and that he wants happyness for you. Then It changes focus to the one thing I’ve Hurd you actually long for and have doubts about how you should progress about her and magic. Puppy love. She wanted your attention in general in the short and you felt the message as good luck knowing that if you take him up on his seemingly apperent offer you won’t need to rely on luck. I’d definitely contact him and ask for his help and just be very specific about what you want even though he seems to allready know what he should do to bring you both happyness. Btw I had an image of her come to mind when I read about the video of her and her roommate exc I doubt I actually seen her but if I did damn nice job.

Try it and see what happens , practice your dreams and make improvements