Dream of Burning Tree?

I had a vivid dream about a burning tree last night. I can’t find much about it online except for the moses concept. Is anyone good at dream interpretation?

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Well trees can be symbols of divine connection. Think of the rune algiz and Ygdrasil. The roots are the ancestral connection, the trunk area being incarnated connection and the branches being ascent and divinity.

If it was on fire… that might not be good. But thats me.

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Fire is one of the three major gatways to the spirit world. That is why a burning bush features in the story of Moses.

I dont know anything about the symbolism of trees so I’m going to follow what @itsnathanm7 said, and go with a symbol of the Divine. As it was on fire, my interpretation is that the Eternal may have a message for you.

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If you can find out what kind of tree that would help.


A burning tree in your dream could symbolize your spiritual growth and development will be interrupted by someone or something. Fire, as a metaphor or symbol can mean destruction, purification, energy, passion. Trees can symbolize growth, stability, protection, security, knowledge.

Therefore, your dream means you have to go through some difficulties and transformations to become the person you aspire to be or to accomplish your current goals or perhaps a response to a ritual request, this could be a sign regarding a current or ongoing outcome of recent events.

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