Dream of an ex


I had a dream of my noncommittal and ghosting ex who used me in the past only for his financial needs. I dreamed I was travelling to his country with my present new family. My ex showed up out of nowhere and gave me as a present a pair of golden earing with black stones. The time I touched the earrings they … broke into pieces in my hands. He also gave me several golden coins that didn’t break. I made him understand it was not the moment to give me presents and talk to me because I was accompanied by my actual new family - my husband and my kid. The ex started playing with my kid and told me he will come to our hotel at 4:00 a.m. to talk to me since I couldn’t obviously deal with him before my family.

In real life this ex was mean to me. He never made any effort to reach to me after the time I clearly showed him I won’t be his sugar mamma anymore. And I actually cursed him to lose everything in his life because he was using me to achieve what he enjoys currently.

Any ideas what my dream of him might mean? Thanks a lot in advance!

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I dont look into dreams a lot but it seems it could be a sign that he’s losing or lost everything and that the curse worked.


Sometimes dreams are symbolic rather than literal but you can also take it as a sign that your spell has manifested