Dream of Abbadon

I had a strange dream with Abbadon last night and was wondering what everyone else here thinks of it.
Basically I was on the internet searching for something (I cant remember what) and for some reason I have to copy and paste what I was searching into google and when I did that some words appeared that I knew I didn’t copy. It said something like, " … One thing less to fear is fear coming from your heart." That’s the part that is most clear to me but again that probably isn’t exactly what it said, but anyway when I read it to myself in my head my eyes started to blur while I read it, and I felt strange pain, not physical pain but perhaps pain that came from my soul. And for whatever reason I knew that Abbadon was causing this(possibly because his name was in the thing I pasted but again I’m unsure) and I woke up from the dream still feeling the pain and I told Abbadon. What do you want? I don’t want to be against you I want to befriend you. After I said that the pain immediately went away and I couldn’t get in contact with him the rest of the night.

Sparta it’s possible he was trying to open up some part of you that is closed off and by doing so caused you pain. Just a thought. I know from personal experience that when I open my energy centers to quickly it causes pain and not so much physical pain but something deeper with in me.

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