Dream of a tall man with antlers and his blind dog

So I’m just posting this to see if anyone recognizes this entity and if not, you get a cool story.

So in working with the moon goddess, Buer and various guides, I’ve had some weird dreams over my whole lifetime. This one, however, is interesting. It started with me starring down a long dirt road with empty plains stretching for miles. I wondered where I was but was startled by the realization that someone was beside me, and was even more startled by the fact that I was only as tall as this person’s mid-thigh! He was so tall that I had to step back from him, and upon looking at me, he offered one gentle hand for me to hold while he walked me down this road. After a few moments, he gestured to the cracks in the dirt at our feet and they were molding together. I looked at him for a bit longer in delight at his work and further noticed his huge deer antlers on top of his bright blonde hair. His face was quite young and the smile he gave was sweet. And when looking back to the road, I noticed we weren’t the only ones there. At his other side, there was a greyhound-like dog, but it’s eyes were sealed shut. It paid no mind to me and seemed rather relaxed and aware of it’s surroundings. I woke up after turning my gaze back to the road ahead.

I wondered if it was the mending of my family’s magical nature since it has always been too much of a coincidence that I’ve been able to accurately describe my great grandpa perfectly to my mother from him coming to me in dreams when she wasn’t feeling so great about life. Or the fact that Buer has always been around me, even since I was very young, before I knew about ‘magical things’. My mom’s mother’s side were Baptists so my mom didn’t explore too much of this until her later years.

I don’t know for sure but hopefully as years pass I’ll be a little better at interpretting these things.


Ever heard of wicca? This being sounds a lot like the horned god to me. Wicca is all about nature magick and the earth so it aligns. Just my thoughts.

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Weird, last night I started watching a movie called Occult Angel and they hold the horned god Cernunnos responsible for some hauntings shown in the movie.

I hope he is not asking me to reach out to him.

Hmm… The dog part reminds me of the Devil in traditional witchcraft. He’s the horned god, the wise man and sometimes comes to the mage as a dog. In fact close to the time I was discovering him for myself, I saw a black greyhound-like dog darting through a wooded patch, where no one else supposedly saw him. In my experience he’s very thoughtful and can show kindness, although he can be intimidating. I usually see his more animalistic side but the black or green man is an example of his many incarnations. It sounds like this was a combination of the green man and dog roles, showing healing and companionship.


i know him Cernunnos or greenman or god of nature
so you dream of him is not dream is real contact with.
when you make rituals in nature you see him a day or other.

so you see my picture of me behind me a tree and in tree him is not a fake picture of me
he be there for talk with me

That would make sense due to my childhood of running around in the woods and being taught a bunch of nature stuff by my mom. I’ve never truly felt him or seen him in any other dreams but maybe he’s just always been around.
I’ve never really known what he’s like or what he likes so perhaps you know of any material to read or study?

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Honestly, I was never really into wicca but when I was just starting out, I had some books on it. I’ll go through my ibooks n send you the links/names

That’s how I’ve always experienced Satan, as a horned god or a large dog. Very naturey and earthy.

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I have been working around the ideas of Satan/The Devil for a bit but durring that time I hadn’t started thinking of him. I originally interpreted it as a representation of blind loyalty or pure loyalty. And since it wasn’t any bit hostile or uncomfortable I believe that it’s a good symbol. But I’m afraid I’ll never truly know for sure so I do enjoy all the ideas that come from other various people


Have you ever heard of the horned god ?

Your description reminds me a lot of him. Maybe a more gentler version though but it still echoes how he presents himself to people