Dream messages

Every now and then I’ll have a dream where I hear or see a phrase or word that stays with me after I wake up. Last night it was a dream in which I was in the upstairs of an old house. It was just one large room and the walls and ceiling were wood that was painted white. I saw wires running to speakers that were playing music. Eventually the music faded away and I just heard the vocals. The voice sung the phrase “the fantasy is real”.

A few months before that I had a dream where I saw a sign that was blue with white letters. All ot said was NAVO. I have no idea what either of these mean. Anyone else ever have this happen to them. Messages in dreams that have no context?


yes it happens with me too and some times and i can see future also and it happens with me so many times many dreams and many meaning


I suspect it happens to many people.

Yup, it happens to me occasionally. Usually just one or two words (THAUMIEL was one that stood out as a dark graffiti on a wall surrounded by hundreds of orbiting scribbled obscenities) but I have gotten strangely haunting phrases of poetry before.


Another one I heard was “send the fire to the sky”. Some kind of context would be helpful but that doesn’t seem to be the case unless there are things I don’t remember. That could be quite possible.