Dream meaning help?

This is not my dream… per se but a friend of mine
The dream started , she seeing she’s in a beautiful mansion that’s still under construction
And went to a church from the church they got sent to go get flower, in the dream her and the

maid of honors sent to collect flower, the flowers were purple, each flower they picked up were dying , and from the plants they were dying

She said when those flower open up they were orange

She also say she see she was smoking with 2 guys in the house prior to the weeding
One of the guy like her
She’s said of the guy
Give her a personality of Baron samedi
Because he was goofy and flirty
And there was a mask around she saw

their was a white cat lurking around, but it seems like that was the white cat home , he was hiding unDer a wood

Each purple flower they were picking up were dying
But a lady told her don’t worry they are not dying
Just put them in the freezer? Til the weeding day

She couldn’t remember all the dream

What do you guys think it meant ?

This seems to be a series of dreams each one has a different meaning or interpretation. Various elements in the dream need to be put together to reflect the whole meaning.

Seeing withered or dead flowers denotes disappointments and bad luck. Depending on your specific situation an end of a career, love affair or period of life. Or they are not working to their full-potential and their abilities are being wasted. They could also be worried about situations in life that they don’t understand or how to rectify problems.

Purple flowers signify wisdom, and creativity. With them withering symbolize a significant transition of orange flowers this is a positive sign. Orange flowers illustrate the concept of being experienced in one’s career. To see orange flowers in a dream after withered flowers suggests overcoming adversity.