Dream Journal 1: Lilith?

So I decided to log my dreams to look back on and look back on and reflect. Also to see what crazy things I dream about sometimes.

So, this short dream was based on what I can assume as being a temple. It was closed in, the colours black being prevalent. I was with some friends I know in my life, and we had gone to this temple after our night out.

Friend: Come to my mother’s place!

Aka what we call a gaff, after party, etc.

After, a female entity appeared and sat on one of the beds. It looked king size. She was dressed in a thin material dress and had red bordering on red hair. Very pretty, too. She looked like my friend, if my buddy didn’t gave a baby face…we all do. I heard the name Lilith in my head.

Another entity appeared, attempting to ‘have a go’ at Lilith. Couldn’t see the entity properly, but I know the energy radiating from it was white. However despite this, Lilith didn’t say anything or move. Standing her ground.

Then yours truly…to this new entity…

Drunk me: I hope to god you do! You’ll be a dead son of a bitch, I can tell ya that!

…I quote vines sometimes…

Lilith: Exhausted …Oh god.