Dream Interpretation?

Hi everyone,

I had an interesting dream the other night that was quite intense and has got me thinking. I’d be interested to see anyone’s interpretation of what they think it could mean:

Ok so. First of all I woke up in what was some form of boarding school or orphanage (in fact it looked similar to my old high school boarding house, without falling into too many British stereotypes…I essentially went to a big ass private estate school with an old boarding house), but all you guys need to know is that it was a big, old Manor House like those ones you see in British movies. I appeared to be a resident of this place along with many many other children and teenagers (considering I’m 18 this wasn’t really a surprise). The house was like some strange totalitarian society, where everyone was conditioned to believe that magick did not exist or that anything other than the mundane world was a lie.

To cut a long story short, there was this kid who didn’t agree with the owners so he decided to start a fire and burn the place down, but the next thing I knew, the blaze had gotten out of control and was spreading like wildfire through the manor. There was plenty of screaming, and I remember running past bodies of dead children (I dream of such happy things…lol…), the dream then cut to when I was standing outside the house and watching it burn down, three friends were also with me, one of who I haven’t seen or spoken with in years. Police sirens then sounded and there was what I though we’re swat vans driving towards towards us, and they were evidently after us because we had escaped the “normal world” and we’re showing signs of revolt.
So we started running and got in a car and started driving to my current house. Along the way, there was an enormous explosion that caused the sky to tint orange with fire, and we drove up over a hill and could see a city (about the size of Manhatten) burning, all the skyscrapers were burning and there screams and all that. We then drove past an overturned fuel tanker that was leaking, as we drove past it exploded, throwing the car sideways and killing my friend who was driving and injuring the rest of us. We were pretty close to my house so we got out and started limping towards the house. When we eventually got there, I realised we would have to break in since I didn’t have keys. Just as we started climbing to the nearest window the police vans showed up and surrounded us. They pinned down the other two friends and had me surrounded in a circle (they all had police bats as well), think of it like a Mexican standoff lol, I can’t go anywhere, they’re closing in etc.
As they all closed in, this black energy/aura came over me and surrounded my body. It was pretty intense so I fell to the floor, but then, these things shot out of me (I can only describe them as tendrils or tentacles, like fluid spikes) and they pierced all the officers in the chest and began absorbing they’re energy. It didn’t stop until they were all dead and shrivelled up, they’re drained faces did actually give me a sense of uneasiness. I then collapsed and blacked out. That’s when I woke up.

Fire imagery in dreams has long been associated with illumination or destruction. I read somewhere that a burning city can signify civil unrest in the future, so I’m intrigued as to what a magickal community can interpret it as.

My opinion, your at the wrong British House. Look for something like Xaviers new school for gifted children in the UK… did you watch the movie? Oh yeah… it was that House that burned down, where the militants/cops coming were there to capture “mutants.”

When we dream of a location, we activate it’s archetype. Your idea of “school” contains every school you’ve ever been in, so often our dream locations will be a mix of several similar places. From the specific details of your school, the starting location and plot in that dream are actually pretty logical.

The more attention you give something in a dream, the more related detail it creates. Things that are dangerous naturally draw more attention, and can easily spiral out of control in a dream. You got hung up on that fire pretty good. and carried it around for awhile. The only meaning to be had there is perhaps you should try to avoid getting your attention fixated like that in the future, in a dream or while awake. Unless you’re doing it on purpose.

The way we’ve been conditioned to react to authority figures never plays out well in dreams.

Probably an instinctual defense based on what ever shit you’re into. From the style of what you did there, I’m going to say there’s a good chance you’re into anime, and if so, you’ve probably seen the recent episode of DBS with Copy Vegeta, so it could have been based off of that.

Dreams are largely devoid of meaning. They form around what you focus attention on. Left to it’s own devices, attention jumps from one point of novelty to the next, and it’s all rather pointless unless you learn to reign it in.

I’ve had similar dreams, the earliest one I can date was around age 9 when we’d just moved, so I know the date, there were police/soliders/whatever chasing me, because I was like Ayesha, the immortal Queen in the old movie She (big influence on me as a kid btw), in some of the dreams I wake just as “they” are about to get me, then after I started studying energy healing and getting serious about my previously private weirdness, I also started fighting back with various methods in the dreams - as The Cusp says, usually the ones I had learned or seen somewhere.

BUT. Sometimes, I then used those methods in real practice, because I figured they had my subconscious’s seal of approval, “This is Real Eva!” or something - and they worked.

Which is to say they allowed me to effect changes in the unseen realms, that affected the physical world in a measurable way.

So, this might not be an external message or a precog thing, but it may be something your mind is behind using, as a method?