Dream interpretation: Yellow, almost lizard-like eyes and a possession of many

So I had two dreams last night. The second was a continuation of the first. So I’ll combine them seamlessly. I didn’t know where to go or what it could be. Maybe just a warning, a visit, a sign? I don’t often practice witchcraft, but had been into it for some time.

I come from a Christian background and have been around my family a lot recently which means I’ve been having Jesus shoved down my throat lately(no pun intended. Ha!) Last night I had an odd dream. I’ll try my best to describe it fully, but it’s a tad cloudy now.

I was with someone I don’t even know and we were going into a HUGE building that was setup like a marketplace and had many tables with food upon them. As we walked into the building I began to feel extremely ill and got insane vibes that something terrible was coming or about to happen.

Suddenly a person begins to levitate in front of me and her eyes turn yellow with the pupil forming an almost diamond shape, similar to a lizard. She begins yelling that I’m next and I can’t do anything about it.

Starting calmly and progressively becoming louder and more intense, I tell it to go away and leave this person alone. The lady falls to the ground and is passed out. There are people scrambling to run away all around.

I feel that same terrible feeling again and suddenly a child begins to levitate and the same thing happens including my reaction and words. This time, the child falls and turns to dust. The mother falls to the child and begins weeping hysterically.

As we scramble to find our way out, I begin to feel that terrible sickness again. My sister appears and begins to levitate. Her eyes do that yellow lizard thing and that’s when I lose it and get crazy passionate about it. I tell the thing possessing my sister to leave or I’ll kill it myself.

At that very moment, it shoots out of her as a bright light and straight into me. I watch myself begin to levitate and all while smiling and laughing. I suddenly shoot back into my body and feel a struggle inside with a lot of painful feelings and emotions. Heavy on depression and anxiety. I throw up the thing and it shoots off in every direction taking on several people at once. That’s when I woke up.

I can understand how the last half may apply to my life with mental illness, but was this yellow eyed, lizard pupil creature made of light, something else? Why was it so easy to push it away from others and myself. Why was this child the only one to turn to dust? I wished I’d known what happened to the people it attacked after it left my body. Anyone good with dream interpretation?

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