Dream I had last night

So I had kind of a weird dream. It was basically that I was a really powerful Hollywood style mage. But the interesting bit was that I had a mentor who said showed me that I had a dragon inside me representing another side of me and Power. I then"unlocked" this side and got the powers of influencing others and breaking then physically if need be. Then the big bad came and tortured me. Hot coals using my face as a punching bag all that stuff. The dream ended when I used the new power to physically destroy him.

What do you guys think about this dream?

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Your vision of a powerful magi and then being punished. You might be deceptive for your own purposes, to make a deceptive impression to influence someone to reach your goals with underhanded tricks. The dragon is a sign of transformation.

You coming back with your powers, attacked and overcoming the attacker that you’re deception will be only temporary and will not bring you happiness, you can free yourself only with your own strength and focus to move forward.