Dream Control

Does Any one have good exercises for staying awake during sleep/controlling your dreams (kinda like soul traveling in a dream)?


I’ve actually been getting interesting results with this. It’s adapted from “the dream quest of unknown kadath” but if work hasn’t kicked my ass i’ll remain aware for quite some time and it also provides me with a kind of “launch point” as my body falls asleep my mind is still descending “the seven hundred steps to the Gate of Deeper Slumber” as such the mind is active and awake while the body is falling deeper into sleep.

In light slumber descend the seventy steps to the cavern of flame and talk of your design to the bearded priests Nasht and Kaman-Thah. After consulting ask a farewell blessing of the priests and thinking on your course, boldly descended the seven hundred steps to the Gate of Deeper Slumber and set out through the enchanted wood.

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