Dream communication

Can an entity teach you in your dreams without having been evoked? I have been having several dreams where i was being taught certain things that seemed purposeful but i have never invoked nor evoked any entity, is something trying to teach me in my dreams?


Well, @Ezperanza, it depends… cause sometime it’s all about gift that you got, so seeing things through dreams it comes in the fact that spirits are trying to tell you or aware you about something which may happen in coming days, because you got that gift of being reveled by spirits…me too sometimes I see things in my dreams which happene also in physical life…am so sure about what you’re seeing exactly in your dreams but it can happen if you have that gift.

Ive had dreams where i see things that could happen and some do one was so real it freaked me out and im not sure if it happened twice or which was the dream. But this is different ive had these off and on for years seeming to bring me to this path one i was “possessed“ in the sense i knew then but instead of being afraid i felt empowered, the next was an exploration experience where i went to the stars and saw literal concepts as images. But these have been different these are seeming to teach me specific things like one told me to learn the LBotP the other was an experience where it seemed i was sharing energy with something it said that it can be draining especially with drugs or achol , i was asleep but it didn’t feel like it i could feel the vibrations as if our two energies were dancing in and out of my feet and legs. Is this something that happens? How can i tell if this is my subconscious or something else?

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WoW that’s big Energy sharing with the spiritual…that’s great and the same time wired cause you can feel it physically when this does happen…can’t tell you much cause it might be possession or something very different…leme make some deep research spiritually and see if I get an answer for your case.but all this is really wonderful

Thanks so much i have always been able to physically feel in my dreams sometimes its scary but these have been very different from before. Im not frightened or feel as if im in danger or anything like that there typically quick and i wake up soon after but i feel like im awake because im how i went to sleep in the same space and room i can feel my blankets and i cant see with my eyes usually but its just a knowing of whats there.

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Ohh I think you shouldn’t be scared…u just need to understand it master it then you’ll be understanding what you’ll be doing in ur dreams…it may be a Saul travel that u make inconsciently …but we gonna figure this out together okay?

Thanks because im not even sure what to research with this or where to start. It was hard trying to explain them because i was raised christian so it plays off that imagery but completely opposite of how my parents would say these are supposed to be like if that makes any sense.

I get these super real dreams when I’m in a state of deep sleep and aware of everything. It might be lucid dreaming but I’m not sure. This is how vassago usually talked to me.

I’ve felt my arms get ripped off in a dream…

Yea ive physically felt anothers body when i was alone i could make out the limbs and torso ive had a snake crawl under my skin which was painful, pretty sure something used to stab me when i was like 14 -16. I just always thought it was a series of strange dreams.

Ouch. In that dream I called on amaymon to help me get my limbs back. It was wierd.

I was atheist at the time and just thought they were nightmares, that was fun jk. My parents thought i was watching scary movies and i was scared if i told them everything they would have me committed its sucked but i had to learn how to deal with it on my own :expressionless:

I just remembered that recently in a real dream i called on Lucifer and King Paimon when i was afraid its strange because ive researched them on and off but havent gone further but for some reason i just did this naturally in my dream and then i wasnt afraid…
To note i wasnt in a lucid dream either and this hasn’t happened before.