Dream and more interesting things - pls help decode

I have been trying hard to focus my intention to receive signs from demons. I have been trying very hard since my sense are not yet developed. I wanted to make a petition to Duke Dantalion for which I wanted to know if he was ok to work with me. I was in bed when I listened to his enn and gazed at his sigil. I invited him to come to my dream and speak to me if he wishes.

I had a very long dream where I saw a very handsome athletic man in swimming trunks talking to me for a long time (I cant for the life of me wht we spoke about but it was pleasant cz I remember us smiling a lot) and this was by a sea or ocean. He would go for a swim and come back. There was some more but I forget.

Now there was another dream where I saw a huge black snake coming towards me. He didn’t feel scary at all but still a little scared to see a huge snake in front of me. The snake rose up to match my face level and looked at me, it was strange but I did not freak out but was very calm. We just looked at each other and that’s it. However the rest of the dream was everything had snakes in it, the roads were covered with snakes, etc but no one came to bite me. Is there any demon associated to a snake?

I would appreciate any help in decoding if possible this dream. Thank you :slight_smile:


The black snake might be Lucifer. Snakes mean rebirth and transformation. The black snake dream is an invitation to grow your self-confidence and ability to deal with a situation that might be intimidating to you.

To see many snakes represents hidden danger, this also suggests your insecurities in life and to avoid pitfalls by using sound judgement when facing adversity.


Wow! Thank you that makes a lot of sense. I do have these issues and a situation that is killing me. Thank you for sharing the insights.

Maybe I will reach out to Lucifer and ask for his help and guidance for confidence

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