Dream after sleeping with Lucifer's sigil

tw // sexual assault ???
i felt like it was worth mentioning because it was scary :+1:

also i apologise for the category if i put it in the wrong area, i didnt really know where to put it.

last night, i opened and slept with lucifers sigil underneath my pillow. i slept kind of restlessly, i kept on waking up but i felt like i wasnt actually asleep at all, if that makes sense? i dont remember much of the dream, but i remember feeling insanely afraid and seeing someone i know get sexually assaulted.

any clue to what it could mean? it has been on my mind almost all day, even more so because i saw the assailant today as well.


Imo Lucifer doesn’t sexually assault people, this might have been a parasite or a symbolic message, but consedirening you slept bad, I would chuck it up to a parasite assault, let me ask you, are you a woman, it might be relevant


I sleep with his sigil under my pillow when I’m stressed and get the best sleep ever ! Not sure what happened with you .

aaah yes, im a female

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yes !! usually when i sleep with his sigil i get great sleep. idk what happened last night tho :confused:

So it might have been a parasite striking up fears of you getting sexually assaulted

It’s possible that the dream you had was symbolic of sexual blockages…

sexual blockages? could you elaborate?

It could be any type of sexual blockage that you have within yourself. Sexual energy is not just about having sex but also resembles life force. Or I could be way off it’s hard to say as of course I do not know you personally.

But she also had a rocky sleep, that might be indication of parasite abuse

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I don’t think it is a parasite. Whenever I sleep with a seal under my pillow, for example, I usually have a bad night, and wake up feeling exhausted in the morning and I don’t get parasites. The fatigue and restless sleep is usually because the energies from the seal interfere with my mind’s ability to sort through its day, or the spirit is teaching me, or showing me something, that I then promptly forget upon waking.

I don’t put much stock in dream interpretation, however, my personal opinion is that the dream of the assault may be a warning. Not necessarily of an impending physical assault on the OP’s friend, as dreams are rarely if ever that direct, but it could possibly symbolise that the person in question is up to no good and could hurt the friend in a traumatic way. Lucifer is the Light Bringer, after all, and brings knowledge so a prophecy of things to come isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

I would ask someone to do a tarot reading on it for you.


It’s possible, but opening sigils and then putting that under your pillow can definitely do that.

thank you very much, i will look into it !

I second that parasite theory. Also, op, look into psychic attacks and psychic ‘vampirism’. Some people are more prone to those things, especially if they are psychic. Do more protection work.

Lucifer is a divinity of the highest order (Christian notions of him are ignorant af) and wouldn’t waste his time molesting humans. His work is with the higher mind.

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Lol Lucifer is a fallen angel, not a god bro

Maybe Lucifer sent you a prophetic dream warning you that the person you know is going to get sexually assaulted.

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I don’t fall in line with the Church narrative on any aspect of my [eclectic pagan] practice. To me, Lucifer is the morning star of ancient Rome.

But by all means, believe whatever you want :slight_smile:

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Yeah there exists Lucifer the god, but it’s not the same Lucifer of the Infernal, they are 2 different beings

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I don’t either, my knowledge of Lucifer comes from direct experience, he’s a fallen angel, not a god I think

It seems people are split between Lucifer is Phosphoros/Lucifer is Enki. Not counting the fallen angel agenda that is.

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