Dream about Zeus

I had a dream I was in a forest naked and a big swan rose up out of the water. It was glowing with power a gold and white aura. It flapped it’s wings and noisily flew towards me.

I was very surprised in the dream and the swan was very serious about mating with me. I didn’t turn it away because I knew it was a god in disguise it just eminated. that energy.

I woke up startled and my first thoughts were that Zeus took the form of a swan and there was a lot of artwork connected with it. I had to look it up https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leda_and_the_Swan

I keep seeing that forest and the swan swimming in circles in the lake waiting for me in the corner of mind.

Any ideas what all this means? I’m brainstorming. Does anyone know if there is a goetic form of zeus? If I’ve met him before and haven’t realized it.


In high school, my circle of friends were always critical of the infidelities of the Greco-Roman Pantheon. And we would always point to this myth for comedic effect.

“Oh, what a pretty swan!”
“Haha Just kidding, I’m Zeus. Rape!”

But, I digress, my recommendation, since it’s sticking in your mind so prominently, is to perform a divination on the topic and see what significance, if any, is represented by the dream.

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