Dream about my dad

My dad passed away one year ago.
Last night i dreamt of him.
He told me "i’m here to serve you’…




Seems like an imposter spirit trying to take advantage of your emotional softness on the subject of your dad.

They do that sometimes apparently.


I could also be ancestral contact since they do assist us.

Best to do a divination to discern what’s going on. What emotions did you experience during the dream? These will be your first clue.


When it comes to dreams, context is everything. You need to provide more details than that. Did you try to make a contact with a spirit lately and didn’t get an answer? Then maybe that spirit used the form of your dad to communicate with you, because he’s your father and an authority figure you would listen to. This is my personal guess.

If you wasn’t trying to communicate with a spirit, then it could be your father trying to deliver a message to you, but the words you heard are how your mind understood what he was trying to say, not exactly the words he was using. “Serve you” could have many different meanings… if you think about it you may find a hidden meaning for it that only you could understand. This is rare but it happens.

It could also be just a dream… you had emotional moment and was expressed to you by your subconscious in that way.

You can do a divination or simply ask whoever was trying to contact you, to contact you again but make their intention more clear to you. If you received an answer in another dream or in an other way, then you will know. If not, then probably it was just a dream.


For instance, it could be to literally serve you.

image https://media.giphy.com/media/10w4u3DbFR4Rws/giphy.gif

Joking aside, dreams aren’t always meant to be taken literally. I’d do some divination to get the full meaning.

It could also be that your dad’s spirit visited you in your sleep. My late grandfather does that to me sometimes. The “serve you” part could possibly be your dream mixing up your father’s message (because brain).


Often when a loved one has passed and they appear after a time in our dreams with the message to serve, it is usually in the context of memories and moments shared with them. Through our experiences with them, they are serving/helping us.

Hope this helps. I lost my Father at an early, impressionable age and would often have dreams, some good, some almost tormenting. Surprisingly, both helped me grow.


I second this. It’s good to question, but from my experiences, when it is a loved one, you know immediately.


I was.also.going to ask about how the dream felt. Whoever was making contact usually your first person POV mood speaks volumes about ancestor’s spiritual state.

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Not a lot of information to go on. I don’t think it has anything to do with your father or his recent death.

This sounds like Zagan, I received a number of visions from this deity and many disingenuous communications, i heard a voice claim I am here to serve you, i then saw a young girl with short black hair, holding a large tray and bowl.

Be careful this demon is very deceptive and destructive, also has the habit of playing with your hair and making things disappear. This started years back where i saw images of my deceased father and he asked me what i wanted in life in several dreams.

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Yes I totally agree with you. The overall feeling from the dream is a very important factor in such cases, and it could directly explain or guide us to understand the meaning of any messages or event in the dream itself.

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