Dream about killer statues so chance then drown me

Sn and I zoned out for a couple seconds then joey who was in the row in front of me peaked his head through the shelf and asked if I was okay and I said “yes” and he said “remember what I said if you ever need to talk I’m here” I said “i’m okay” he said “are you free” then he looked at Brian and asked h if he was a virgin then he asked my Nan if Brian was a virgin and so I just walked away and met with my Nan an the front of the store and we talked and I told her that joey wouldn’t leave me alone and she gave me this small thick silver thing that was sharp and she held it and joey was coming our way and I said “I got it nan” then took the thing and walked it to the bar where my aunties was

As I got there we talked a bit and i met this other girl that I didn’t know but got to know in the end I then told them everything whilst looking at the bar where joey was I then showed them my weapon and then my aunt said we had to leave so we left and as I was walking out the door I looked behind me and there he was watching me so I made it look like I was sulking and my auntie said “look at her putting in a show” and we all laughed as we where walking we turned a corner and there where the houses we viewed before going to the store slash bar and we knocked on one of the house and my auntie said “who’s in this one” and the people on the bench said “we are” and she didn’t hear them so I told her they where in that house and then the people said “that house over there is free” so we walked over and knocked and got no answer so Chantelle my auntie and her friend left to pay the rent for the house.

  • [ ] Whilst they where gone a woman with a buggy went up to the house we where laying for so I texted Chantelle telling her that there’s a woman here and to hurry the woman left then Chantelle and that came back and they where with my some other people we knew one had blonde hair I juts can’t remember her name and she was pregnant the others had brown hair and so we tried to open the door and I asked how much they payed the lady with the buggy said “30.000” then Chantelle said “36.000” I looked then said “that’s a lot to pay for a house” and I tried to open the door and it wouldn’t open so I tried and tired again then we look over at the statue that have sword and they move so I bang on the door harder until I give up and kick it open which was a bad idea because inside the bear statue had come alive so I slam the door shut and we turn around and run
  • [ ] the statue with the sword was throwing these orange things at us from his sword and we dogged them everyone went the same way and me and Chantelle where running I screamed “stairs stairs” so we jumped down the stairs and ran across the road and as I looked back the statue person pulled up a mask so I carried on running and we went Down this road as we got further down I looked behind and I couldn’t see him anywhere and then I look forward and his shadow is almost next to mine so I pick up my past and run harder and faster then I was before. We kept running and in front of us we saw people working in the road so I screamed “ incoming move out the way” and before they moved we ran into them including the statue man me and Chantelle got up so fast that before the statue man could get up I picked up a pick axe and threw it at him.
    We carried in running but the next thing I know I’m in chains with everyone else and we are all under water drowning and one of our friends just happened to have a key to the locks on the chains so he passes them around and then it changes again to us being on something outside with the statue back in there places and one of our friends say “it’s good to know we can trust some of you” then the pregnant friend goes the something statues (the something is the name of the statues she called then that I can’t remember) wanted to bring up a child” and we laughed then she said “ no something stayed you can’t raise my child” then it ended

I wrote this as soon as I woke up which was just now and I can’t figure out what it means