Dream about blood that burned at the touch dripping on me

Hey guys last night I went into my backyard and just sat there looking at the stars whilst taking to lucifer I rambled in and on for I think like 20 mins then I said he could stay as long as he liked as well as thank you then before I went to bed I called king Paimon and asking him a question about kings and queen I won’t bore you with the details after that I thanked him and then I went to bed.

That’s when I had this dream about being in a house with two other people but there was something there with us I think it was a spirit and this spirit took one of the people W that was with me then we ran into a bedroom and we stood there. The person next to me (I can’t actually remember if it was a male or female) they said “what now” so I said “we piss the spirit off” and I stared screaming stuff, next thing I know my neck started to burn so we looked up whilst shinning our flash light on it as the room was dark and what we saw was blood dripping from the wall and that was the thing that burned me.

I have no idea if this was some kind of message or not I was hoping you guys could help me out.

Ironically the more effort you put into understanding this the more you will likely block yourself, chances are you already know the meaning, the realization just hasn’t come yet.

I recommend carrying out your time as normal and it’ll show itself very obviously.

Thank you :blush: