Dream about Asmodeus?

Hey I’m a noob here, but I had an interesting dream tonight. A little background is I’ve been in frequent contact with Asmodeus for a few years now. I love Asmodeus very much and we have always had a good working and personal relationship.

I woke up around 4am and, to skip a lot of convoluted dream nonsense, had a dream/nightmare about murdering a murderer. I have a back porch at my house and the dream implied I had fallen asleep and Asmodeus had taken my body to do the deed. Written around my porch in this guys blood were different loving scripts of “Asmodeus”
“Akzmodeus” (maybe weird dream language scramble?) “hava asmo” “hava Asmodeus” .

Anyway, that’s sparing some detail and I was wondering if anyone could make sense of this dream? Is it just brain nonsense or is there a meaning to the dream? Any other similar experiences??

If how this dream guy was a murderer and/or how I(??) killed him would be of any help let me know. I left it out since it’s a bit gorey. Thanks.

Ofcourse your dream has meaning… I’d assume that its, something much more personal for you…
Maybe related to your shadow aspects IDK… Trust, your intuition

Definitely has meaning if asmodeus is involved

I definitely don’t think this is nonsense.Seems like what you did in the dream was vengeance or an avengeance. And by slaying this dishonourable person you satisfied his lust. He is a vengeful, wrathful and lustful spirit. The dream sounds very connected to him. Very cool

Hey thanks for taking the time to reply to me! It helped the dream make more sense and I really appreciate the guidance. I sometimes have a problem with doubting myself as well. I look forward to hopefully some more dreams!