Dream about Ahriman (?)

(oke, I want to make a short introduction, wohoo)

So, I have met this spirit for the first time during my education at Catholic School (oh, how ironic) I study history and that semester we had ancient civilizations and religion - such a fate that I got Persia with Zoroastrianism and I had to make a full lesson. Tbh, I always loved Persia and when I met masdaism and zurvanism beliefs I became totally interested in it. I did my research and even I had my own Avesta book (a present from my mother) Everything was fine but I wanted to see the occult side of Ahriman.

I knew this spirit is quite intense and I didn’t want to be too close (I am not ready yet) My friends said it’s better to stay away for now and I was feeling like everybody around me was like -" noooooo, don’t goooo there" - And I agreed with them somehow, especially that I have never been interested in black magic or any dark alchemic art (I prefer my traditional magic) So everything really didn’t make sense or purpose. Because what for? But you know …

You still have the feeling like you’re looking at this mountain behind the window. “I really want to see it but I would probably die”.

I was reading a lot about him and when I left the topic for a few weeks - I always returned anyway. I didn’t plan nothing, I was just reading cause I wanted. And one night I had a dream which seemed to be really realistic to me and a bit strange. I am not very good with interpreting dreams and so;

I was going to sleep at my previous house (when I go to sleep/get up in my dreams that means to me that this one is deeper on realistic plane) My room looked like the same when I had 7,8-9 years old. I don’t remember exactly when it was but I remember all furniture from those years. And also I was much, much younger - it was more like a forgotten memory from my childhood than dream (and felt the same) I woke up in the middle of the night (in this dream of course) and saw a “black fog” floating all over my room. I felt uncontrolled fear and I had a feeling like something was watching me. I tried to find a place/point where the spirit stands but he was …everywhere. I asked nervously -“Who are you?” and immediately got the answer more from my subconscious than the spirit itself, as if I really knew it and the spirit before. I heard from myself - “Angra Mainyu”. I felt like he was watching me with cold gaze and dispassionate expression. Seemed to be waiting for something and I felt a deja vu that I know him from somewhere. I had a very conflicting emotions - on the one hand I wanted to run fuck away, and the other this darkness made feel so blissful that I could stay there forever. It was complicated but eventually my fear won. I ran out of the room and he watched me run away in silence. I ran to my mother with tears in my eyes and told her that there’s someone in my room. And she said -" Monsters don’t exist".

Then I started to wake up from my dream because I felt worms crawling on my hair and pillows. And I SAW THEM when I opened my eyes. I got up from bed as fuuuck and ran to my bathroom to take them off… But when I turned on the light worms were gone.

Has anyone had a similar experience or you see something in all this?