Dream about actually seeing lucifer

Hey guys last night I called lucifer to ask him a question and then I talked a bit then just laid in bed after ending the call and one of my legs was straight and the other was bent and they felt heavy and hot like someone was sitting on me but it didn’t bother me then about ten mins or so I went to bed and I had a dream where I was at my Nans house with my auntie and that and lucifer appears and everyone can see him and me and him have a conversation that I can’t quite remember then faith goes gets my Nan and I hear them say they are coming so he says “my times up I’ll see you soon” and I say “ok” then he leaves my auntie talks about not wanting to go in the kitchen to get to the bathroom because that’s where he showed up.

I woke up from that dream then I go to another dream where I’m in a really big place with a lot of people and I had to stay with these guys so I go in the toilets and look for a light then they shout out my name they find me I search through the bags on the hooks and hand them all mask and then I run and they come running after me and I ran past all these expensive cars and through hall ways up stairs and what not and they where trying to find me and I wanted to leave but they wouldn’t let me so I ran and I was jumping over tables and people.

I ran up some stairs but I was so Tired that I was loosing energy and one of the people I was with was behind me and I got to the top and he was getting close so I climbed over the rails and he pushed me so I was dangling from the second floor I fell and then I called lucifer and told him what was happening and that this wasn’t a dream whilst I was running then I found some stair and hid in there only to find it was a play area for kinda so I sat there and called him again. a couple of minutes Later I left and ran outside where it was dark and the man found me again and I ran on the field but he tackled me and I was out cold.

I woke up on a table with a girl and I was looking for a map of the building and we was arguing because she told me to go to the man because he had a map and I said “he doesn’t no one does” and she said “ you can’t run Shauna the place is huge it took men with years of experience to build this place” and I said “ want to you promised me you would help” and she said “ some people make promises and keep them but this one I’m gonna have to break” and so I climbed on the table and crawled over to the man on the other end and just sat there and pretended to read his book so the girl could leave and she did so once she left I got of the table and Waked away and the man said “ don’t think about it” so I ignored him and walked to the stairs and he went to the other stairs and I walked up them got some paper then walked back down and back over to the tables. After that a lot of people sat down on the tables around in and a friend of mine sat next to me and inform of me was class doors and then outside and coming through those doors was people.

There was a teacher behind us speaking about why the new people where here then Eleanor asked the teacher if she could go out and the teacher told her to get the card so she got up and I followed her. She was stabbing in the lunch line and went up behind her and asked her if I could go out with her because I wanted to leave she said “ you can’t leave you have to come back” and I said “ no one would know” so she said” fine sure” and then I went to the back of the line got my food and as I turned around everyone and I mean everyone was staring at me there must have been over two hundred people staring at me so I walked out the doors to my left and they where still staring at me so I waked back to my original seat and the teacher said “ you really just got food you have 2 mins until lunch ends” then I woke up.

Do any of you know why I had this kind of dream and if it means anything i would really appreciate it if you could help thank you :blush:

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Thanks for sharing!

Your welcome

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