Drawn In Blood Collection of the OAA

Hi guys,
I am new to the forum, but I have just completed a really amazing work with EA, concerning the OAA, and would like to share it with all of you.
Here is a link to the YouTube video of myself and EA.
As well as a link to the website.
Thanks again,
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inBPe2X1R_w]- YouTube

Awesome that you got some copies from EA and got to shoot a video with him :smiley:

Good luck with selling these :slight_smile:

Certainly an interesting video…but I’ll say here that I wouldn’t be surprised if this, or atleast part of the set, ends up on eBay at a price no one could afford.

The video had a note that says the original was video was over 90 min long and shows the drawing of each sigil. I wonder if we will ever get to see it or the sigils.

Well, koetting said in the video something in the video about having to remind himself about not keeping information secret. What if people could prove they already have a copy of the oaa book and eric could send a pdf with sigils and names? Either way, I would be interested to read it, but doesn’t change the fact that we ourselves could get the info ourselves.

True, we could get the information ourselves, but unless you are at a skill level where you can do this with confidence you are out of luck. It would be cool to see him release it as a video or a newsletter.

If it will be exclusively released, it should at least be available to people who purchased the book/video series since the videos that were offered at an additional $300 left a lot to be desired.

I have the oaa book and love any additional information that can be added. I’ve seen the oaa course videos online and the book is way more informative.

The book is phenomenal, I have made keeps and bounds with my ascent by working through the lessons. This is why I’m hoping the sigils will be available for everyone.

E.A. said in his video that he didn’t want to keep the information a secret, hopefully that means it will be available in more than just 18 rare books.

Can someone please be discriptive in the type of ascent you gain by working thru this book?!?

This book is a path-working to full ascension and communion with the Gods! It outlines a course of self discovery and awakening, guiding one through the 18 levels of magical mastery within the self, and finally assuming the god-forms and powers belonging to the ancients!

The full video will be made available for everyone to view… soon.
However, the actual books themselves in the “Drawn In Blood” collection, contain blood-drawn sigils that act as energized portals connecting the adept directly to the Guardian of that particular Flame!
The cost of the full collection is nothing compared to what the individual books will be worth in time, there are no other books like this!
A group could purchase the collection and share the copies ensuring that everyone had full access to them.
I was there with EA, and I can attest to the real presence of the Guardians as we consecrated each book with the Sigil and Name belonging to each of them.
Seriously, these are the real deal!
They are available on eBay right now, but they won’t be available for long. Thanks.

It’s been up 2 days and JD hasn’t posted it here yet, so hope he won’t mind me doing so:

Drawn In Blood - Unedited Video

Hello again!
The Drawn In Blood Collection of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis books are now able to be purchased individually at the following link:


Thanks again for all the good support - enjoy!!

The pictures of the sigils are very small, can you post larger ones?

I think that is intentional.

You are meant to buy the book so you can have the sigil.

Hi guys,
Just updating everyone, The Drawn In Blood Collection are on sale for the Holidays up to 50% off the normal price!!


anyway i can see or buy these books?

This thread is seven years old, so I doubt they’re still available, but I’ve got one. Mine has the seal of the Baron of the Eighth Flame drawn in goat’s blood on the inside cover.

damn so there is no way to get any of these books ? or like the sigils atleast

It’s unlikely. There were only 18 copies, one for each Flame, and they were going pretty fast when I ordered mine.