Drawing I did for Hentyos


Hentyos asked me to do a couple drawings for him that conveyed certain things, I had a little trouble trying to come up with trying to draw something that conveyed these concepts, but here’s the first one I did



What are you trying to say with this drawing?


what medium did you use?


Hi Defectron!

Being an Artist myself, I had to comment … LOVE IT! It brings to mind a rather “in the mirror darkly” version of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card… :wink: Z


Think about why Hentyos doesnt seem to have a set form and what it is he seems to be all about. This picture seems to have captured more of the chaotic side to it, but there is order. I’m going to try to emphasize that in the next drawing more.

As for what medium I used, this was all digitaly drawn with a wacom tablet.


Wow. That has personality. I’m all woozy. Neat guy, though.


That’s badass dude! Dig the colors!


And here’s the next one


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Oh shit! THAT kicks ads man :slight_smile:


You know I really loved the first one … but I actually FEEL this one more. The starkness of it, the simplicity, speaks volumes. It seems purer, more personal, than the first. Again, D, great work! :wink: Z


Yeah some of the things I worked into this one are a bit more personal. Hentyos knows what they mean though so thats all good. I suppose in this case less is more, this is the other side of what the last one showed.