Draw sigil

How to draw inverted penragram with Baphomet sigil?
Draw inner part first or or circle?

Lets say i printed it should i trace over it with black marker ?


Try tracing it for now. You can use a wide mugrim to trace a circle. The star is fairly simple, but Baphomet face is very detailed. It may take you some practice, but like I said, tracing is a good shortcut.


Trying to commune with Satan? Well my advice honestly would be to print it out. But to draw it, I’d trace it with pencil first so you can erase mistakes, then bring in the black marker once you’re satisfied with the copy


S i am doimg ritual where i write target name inside pentagram

So should i procede in this order

1)draw pentagram
2 )draw Baphomet
3)write target name horizontally
4) then draw circle outer 2 circle etc

Is it correct order to draw sigil?


I am using this one

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Honestly i dont know what spell/ritual you’re doing so I can’t say (though i am curious). From my experience though, these minute details often don’t matter much for the end result.


Have you done this before?

How are you doing this ritual?


Btw in india rituals they say always sit with legs crossed so energies dont interavt with that portion qnd always from head, but i see many black magaicans sitting on chair legs wide open while doing it


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Does it matter to draw inner symbols first or outer circle first?

No., it doesn’t matter but it might be easier to draw the outer circle first.