Dra'talon vs. Glasya Labolas

Let’s say, hypothetically, that there is a very small, very insular group of people who are too powerful for their own good and have shamelessly used their power to harm a lot of people. I really can’t offer any further clues. They are incapable of any kind of self-reflection and are never going to change (otherwise that would have worked).

The ringleader is a revolting excuse for a human being and I want him GONE. (I’d love to have all of them gone, but it would be a big improvement to just get HIM off this planet.) If the universe wants to punish me, so be it.

Dra’talon could easily get rid of this guy, but he likes to play with his food before he eats it and the ringleader is actively causing harm with zero consequences. Glasya Labolas gets results, but I’ve heard he likes to make a mess and I don’t want to harm any innocent people who have the misfortune of being anywhere near the target.

Who would you summon?


Based off of what you said. Dra’talon. However something to understand is that he works slowly and sadistically. At least from what I’ve heard. It is true that Glasya likes to essentially smite people. If you wanted it more hush hush, then Dra’talon is a far better option. Granted you could always caveat that Glasya won’t make a mess. Ultimately, it boils down to how fast do you want him gone and how much a fuck you give about the nature of how it’s done.

If this group has practitioners, be aware they may find out.


No idea if they do have practitioners (I’m pretty sure the ringleader doesn’t even believe in God), but they’re arrogant AF and they don’t know I exist :wink: Thanks!

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Hm, why not both of them…


Good idea, thanks!

I was always under the impression that Glasya is also a bit slow, taking his time to set things up.

Extremely late question regarding both entities. Can you send both of them after the same person? I understand that the person is like an offering to them. I evoked Dra’talon to get the job done but at some point I would probably like to speed up the process and get Glasya involved.

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