Draining or weakening parasites with physical energy/adrenaline

It’s my understanding they can attach and feed off energy which can drain someone physically and mentally. I’m wondering if it’s physically possible to drain or feed them in return - effectively weakening or destroying it.

Let’s say you’re aware one is attached on your energy and emotional field but you suddenly focus and concentrate on accumulating adrenaline quickly throughout your physical body essentially reversing what it’s doing to you - it’s draining you, but you pump yourself up and gain such adrenaline rush (like the Hulk lol) - will this technique weaken, destroy, or make them detach from you? Depends how strong they are too, of course.

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In the book “Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self Defense” the author talks about turning the tables so to speak and describes techniques to drain astral parasites. I’ve done it for some time and its pretty good but it has failed me a couple of times, especially if I found myself waking up in the astral while being attacked.

From my experience, if you get too excited, and especially if you’re in a state where you are getting an adrenaline surge, you’re just giving them extra food. Staying calm and relaxed is key to this.

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Eat them…find some way to trigger, through repetition, being able to grab and swallow them into a void, your void…

Do it enough they stop coming around, and u may come to acquire a new taste.

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