Drained after trying to channel King Paimon

Good morning all!
So I did a meditation this morning and tried channeling King Paimon. All went well and do feel much inner peace, but I’m also quite drained. I also feel pressure on my crown and heart chakra that was not there prior to meditating. Any thoughts or personal experiences where something similar happened? I mean I feel like I ran a marathon! :joy:

That’s because you’re not used to the energy. This shouldn’t feel draining after a while, but try not to overdo it. It’s a bit like sports in that you need to train yourself and then you’ll have more stamina. Btw there are a few topics here already that discuss this very issue, just use the search function. And, just in case, make sure you’re actually dealing with the real thing and not some impostor who is out for a free energy meal.


Very helpful, thank you!
How can you tell if it’s an impostor?

Among other things: They don’t give you any useful information, tend to give vague answers or none at all when you ask them, aren’t true to their promise, lie, and they also can make you feel drained and even sick, etc. There are some great threads about this topic, too. Just search “impostor spirits”.


I think @Lux_Tenebris said everything I wanted to say. So, I second that.


Searching for it. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! :blush:

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I know when I first started to work with the Goëtia, at first it wasn’t bad but after the third day I definitely did feel a bit of a drain.
I recommend a day or two of rest before doing anything major again. :3 I do wish you luck on your channeling! It’s definitely something I’m interested in as well!

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Thank you! You as well :blush:
I asked if it was him and he chuckled and said yes and apologized. I guess it was too much for me to handle. It wasn’t the first time me attempting this hence why I was confused as to how my body was reacting. But I’ll follow what Lux_Tenebris and you mentioned and basically learn to crawl before I attempt to walk, and take rest periods in between.

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Glad to hear this! :pray:t2: King Paimon is a amazing person. You will do well!

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He is absolutely wonderful! Father Lucifer brought me to him and since day 1, our conversations and his energy have been beyond amazing. Very warm, patient and understanding. Quite humorous as well. I remain respectful but it feels like I’m interacting with a close older friend or family member if you know what I mean. :blush:

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Yes to all of that! I couldn’t believe how familiar He felt when I first “met” Him. Not at all what I had expected tbh. It’s also OK to tell Him if you ever feel overwhelmed, which can happen in the beginning. But usually, He will know. He really appreciates outspokenness and even bluntness, when it comes from a place of respect (and self-respect). Like you already said, baby steps are best and you’ll make progress contiunally without the negative side effects. If you have a closer relationship with Him, He will make sure that no impostors or other intruders will get to you. But it’s always good to know how to guard yourself against them, and some basics of energy work as well. King Paimon can teach you some great and simple techniques for that.