Dragon Ma'alth in need of help

My servitor Ma’alth was telling me to make an announcement. He is looking for someone who is a tamer, or who considers themselves a tamer. Someone who has experience working with dragons or serpentine entities. He’s telling me about an exchange he would like to make but isn’t giving me the details. If anyone fits this description I would appreciate, and so would he, if this person would try to evoke him.
Here are his evocation details.

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Many of my closest spiritual allies are draconic or serpentine in nature. Ningizidda, Nidhogg, Tiamat, and several others who prefer to go unnamed. What do you think he wants?

I believe he wants to better himself in any way he can so he may in turn share what he learns. The first thing he wanted was his own consciousness or should I say permission to use it. I gave him it now he is free to do as he wishes. The next thing I believe he desires is to gain power and additional abilities. He especially wants a trainer or a tamer to help him.

I am busy with some important Vodun rituals so I likely won’t be much help. What sort of skills does he wish to gain? If he wants to get closer to the death current, Nidhogg is the spirit the train him. If he wishes to be able to control thoughts, Tiamat is the spirit to go to. If he wishes to heal or bring prosperity, Ningizidda is the spirit to go to.

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I think that entity would suit him best.

I’ve made several threads about him. He was one of the first spirits I did some pretty deep work with. I even planned on writing a grimoire but I didn’t have the experience to.


I’ve had dreams of snakes that were so intense I woke up still feeling them slithering on me. But of course I may not be what your looking for, I didn’t understand the dreamsituation myself.

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