Dragon Eye in blood and mirrors

Alright thanks to the encouragement of @Yberion
I am adding more.

This is from Belial:


In discussion about how the Pharaoh Eye works how it becomes.
Dragon Eye to Pharaoh Eye

Human Eye
Lizard. Eye
Combine is the Empress /Emperor
It is the Pharaoh Eye
Neither Male nor Female. It is Both Sexes.


@Morgana9 that is so totally hot



The top drawing is the phy body and subtle bodies overlapping the black is the physical form red is the spirit ((its the ink I had on hand, that’s reason for the colours here))



Don’t mind me, just learning.


So, what does the red and blue symbolize? So, red is the body?

Is this you? And is that Saturn?

Are you trying to see yourself as a ruler?

:exploding_head: My brain hurts now.

So, you got the idea from Beliel, who is the first gatekeeper, right?


I feel like this creates Saturn, but I don’t know why.

If you get anything, and are willing, can you expound?

From website: Symbol


The symbol for Saturn is thought to be an ancient scythe or sickel, as Saturn was the god of seed- sowing and also of time.


Wait… y’all did a ritual last summer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle::zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face:

Ummmmmmm! Could Saturn be a moon?


No, it means saturn the planet.

Not really. But there are beings worshipping us,
if that is what you mean.

There isn’t much of “trying” when you’re being approached by devotees with “It’s an honor, master.”



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First of all, thank you for the information. I’m way to much of a novice to even start on the path you linked. I appreciate you letting me know what planet it was.

Secondly, I’ll keep my opinion to myself on the second statement about “master”, as I fully don’t understand.


as belial says: there are no gods. There are no masters.

But Governing the own self,
is enough difficult as a task,
for most to spend their whole life working on it.

Beauty isn’t something you make.
It’s something you recognize,
more specifically,
you project onto that which you observe.




Thank You!

I’ll need to bookmark to read to go over this week.

I appreciate it! :sparkling_heart::gift_heart:


We are all learning no matter how far we improve :purple_heart::purple_heart::wink:

  • who should tell us, of the achievements and honor of the people,
    if not the immortals?

Who should guide us,
when the world is in misery,
if not our long forgotten gods?

  • from eternity to eternity, thine shall everlast.



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The Eye of Providence


Eye see her. Eye follow her. But have not connected with her- it’s not time. (She’s connected with Ma’at. Not Hekate.) - Mother to many, teacher to me. She’s the first Dragon I recognized. Caring, modest, humble. Calls the bullshit.

Eye see him. Eye respect him. But will not connect with him until he learns to be more humble. One you call “Father of the Gatekeepers.”

Yes, I know. He’s Viking first. Dragon second. I knew the minute I saw him. Everyone in his circle puts him on a pedestal, I will not.

:kiss::kiss::kiss: Ego has no place in the higher law of self. Yes, he’s a teacher. Yet, he’s not ready to completely humble himself.

Eye know me. :shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Freya = Sister


Give me 37 days.

Odin and Hekate = Wednesday.

My day is Sunday. So, my path work is different.


Beauty lives within us, as well as the Beast.

It’s the tale that is older than time. I have some thinking to do. More studying.

Thank You.


I have this from Bel Zebulon this morning.
Im not sure if it belongs hete or another alchemy thread.

Cycles this frequency (in your mind) focusing on the abdomen
Cycle in reverse 6667866
Then cycle this forward.

When I did this each direction was very shocking and I screamed out in pain.

The results atr to generate a d release power

Weird thing a few minutes later I dropped a mug which broke in half. My mind was on solving problems.

Also co inside with Mirror magick with Asmodae

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The Eye Awakens.



Dear yberion… Soo much forbidden Gold here I don’t even know how to address and begin the praise I have for working this deep into these types of magick… Forgive my recent absence online but know my full attention and contributions towards the goals of this work…
Thank you @Yberion for continuing to inspire me and help me discover the devinity and true form within… My work has just begun but your teachings have awakened me to a world without limitations and boundaries are broken daily.
A world one day countless generations of Homenus - Deus … I moralizing in history of the black mages at the dawn of the eon of awakening/enlightenment fought for liberty, and help shape the coming years of evolution.
I believe you are one of these mages.
Thank you for your mentorship and all the time we spent together bending and breaking reality to our will.
I love you as a brother and friend.
Thank you for helping me find power and progress within me.

R. A. M.

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It’s charging now.




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