Draconian Tradition my experience so far

Alright so to begin I was reading about the Dark gods in Asenath Masons book
about Draconian Tradition and cool things have happened since.
I had just gotten to page 18 or 19 I believe and I got this very strong intuitive feeling telling me the second that I turned this very page I would invite this draconian current into my life and I told my self in my internal dialogue “Fuck yea!” and I turned that sucker.
Next day I found my self in the worst mood I have ever been I was acting in the ways that I swore to never act in I was being what I could only describe as “Horrid” and then halfway through that day, I realized that everything that I had been saying and doing…those where my flaws and I took note of them.
The next day I found my self Prouder than ever before knowing I conquered some of the things that troubled me! A few days later (today) I find my self-reading about Namaah and the second I look at the sigil of Namaah I say to my self (Fuck I’m horny…wait what I’m popping a boner?? shit I need to fap) And so I did and I felt a lot more aroused than normally when fapping and felt like I had someone laying next to me the whole time possibly "lending me a hand :joy:"
Soon after that I fell asleep and right now I don’t know why but I feel different I can’t describe what this feeling is but I feel what I can describe as a little devilish… oh and you guys are gonna laugh at this my fear of the dark disappeared (Op what are you talking about are you saying that you work with Daemonic spirits and Dark gods and your scared of the dark what are you gay?) Yea Ironic no? that and I keep getting this feeling I was in the Castle like place while I was asleep not sure what to make out of it… So yea that was a cool experience not even 1/3 finished with the book Lol.


Very interesting, very cool.

The next purchase I will be making on B.A.L.G is he books. Please keep us updated on your experiences. Thanks for sharing.

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I got a high fever immediately after my encounter with Namaah and it was pretty bad not gonna lie but I broke it fast using Reiki.

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Shortly after that sexual encounter with Namaah I got a High Fever just past 12 at night luckily I broke it
what makes this interesting is that Namaah is said to be able to inflict disease.

After reading Arachne’s invocation which I read just before Namaah I no joke got a bug bite on my neck didn’t look like a spiders it just looked odd

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