Draconian Ritual Book

I was reading the chapter about ‘magical personality’ and how you describe the ‘daimon’ concept, it seems you’re referring to Lucifer.
Is it a correct insight?

@Vovin The Daimon is another name for the Higher Self (or Holy Guardian Angel, depending on the author and context). Some people might say that the “daimon” spelling is an earth-spirit name but daimon used to be another term for minor gods and spirits, therefore it can be applied to mean a human’s godself. Michael Kelly also used the term “Daemon” in a similar manner but his reasons were slightly different to Mason’s (Mason explained the Greek origins of the term, Kelly basically says he prefers the term and gives some Grimore history).

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This is the 3rd time today , I have come into some sort of interaction regarding the author Michael kelly, seems my spirit guides are telling me to inquire more on this author…primal craft maybe? Hmm
Draconian ritual book arrives today!!! Stoaked!:smiling_imp::wink::sweat_smile:

I have to put more money into his books. I have Apophis and it was a very refreshing read (could be because I haven’t delved into Setianism much yet, though). I’ve also noticed he’s inspired other titles I’ve been reading (including an interesting one on Chaos Heathenry). I highly encourage people to read at least one Michael Kelly book.

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No, “daimon” isn’t equivalent to Lucifer. It’s your magical personality that you create within your work.