Draconian ritual book - is it okay to do multiple invocations?

okay so I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but is it okay to just keep going at the beginning chapters with all the invocations if that makes sense? Meaning on page 60 there’s a lucifer invocation and then lilith is the next I did the 1st 9 in that day

But what is that a bad idea? Or where these designed to do 1 invocation a day before moving on?

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You’re going to get all possible answers :
“yes no prob”
" NO absolutely not"
“It depends of your level” and so on and on

To resume that whole thing I’d say “Of you can concentrate enough and do possess enough basic training to be sure of what you’re doing along with the time needed and don’t rush the thing… Then yes”

My answer was longer than I anticipated

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Okay I gotcha! So basically. Its just depends on how advanced you are?

Mm…well I’m not that advanced yet lol

I think I’m just going to start over from the 1st invocation and just do 1 a day!

Thanks! :+1:

Also I have been saying these in my head which I assume you can and you would still have success, and I also heard the book does explain that you can say invocations in your head? But I I haven’t read that any where yet.

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I won’t be able to help you much further along that road as I’m no expert on that path, on any path for the matter exept the self reflecting one (and even on that one, I can still miss a ton of things, but I like to see me as really good at it)

Other member have much more to tell you on that, I can only give you self-reflecting advise or question that you can answer for yourself and then go on with your day/ritual/invokation

Lucifer, Lilith and Leviathan invocations can be done together in every important LHP ritual. But still the reason you will have to find it on your own :clinking_glasses:

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@Rav Is that because there in the same Qlipha or whatever you call it?

Hmmm not really @Excalibur it’s about the act of creation actually

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gotcha :+1:

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