Draconian opening for Draconian ritual book questions

Hi Asenath,

We are presented with the Draconian opening in the DRB,at the end of a working do we have to perform a closing also, or can we just give the the license to depart and thank the spirits?

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Hey man , I’m nearing my initiation through the DRB, and I haven’t done a closing yet , and I’m getting great results, in terms of higher magick any way , I feel like closing may somehow either seem disrespectful or interfere with the connection to the current.
As the book entails , it’s an entire lifestyle change that I like a magnificent roller coaster ride…
Some of my largest feats are overcoming down time and consistent practices . Obviously strong will I required to tread the path of the Dragon , which is unpredictable in nature, which I feel personally that if I neglect daily workings,
Not only the loss of momentum and progress, but the desire to return to broken habits becomes easy to procrastinate. …
Other than pontificating about experience, I don’t feel like a cerimonial closing would be needed or respectfull to the Draconian Gods.
Again that just my personal opinion. As I literally just finished an invocation of Lucifer, and feel my words are validated by his energy within currently.
Hope this helps my friend.
Darkest blessings.


Happy Winter solstice to you my brother. For the last 6 weeks I have been doing the rites of Lucifer. Through this Draconian current I have reached great heights not only is my will and my desire but my power increased, and knowledge of it. Rarely do I sleep because my house consistently flows with this current which makes me want to continue pushing it dayly I finish up the entire book with the invocation of Lucifer I will do tonight. I have been going deep into it and making sure that everything is perfect maybe you should take the time to sit down and focus your energy on exactly what you want. Anyway I hope this was helpful .darkest wishes and blessings to you my friend Draconian Jake.


I am working that grimiore too! Lol
And yes thank you, I’ve been taking my time, not rushing into any initiation ,
I’m curious, did you have your Kundalini ignited by “The light bearer mask? As well as the mask of “Prometheus”?
I’m just curious, because when I began " The Lucifer chronicles” intense kundalini experience started through those rituals ( once by accident long before this).
Happy solstice to you as well, although late. (Have been without power for 7 days from a wind storm on the 20th.
Chat soon I hope!



Thanks for replies,
As you can see I dont use the forum too much these days, nice to hear your experiences,
Have any of you worked with the invocation of naamah or arachne from DRB so far?
And did you guys memorize the draconian opening provided on page 99-101?


Yes to all of your inquiries, but you dont need to ,memorize the opening cerimony for it to be affective…

I have it memorized inside and out by now, but thats just from repetitive useing of it. :smiling_imp::wink:

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How many of you personalized the Gods invoked in the ritual,

I wonder if it’s best to keep them as they are

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I’ve been working through the book for the past 3 months, I’ve kept everything the same and have had decent results so far. Theres also a new Draconian magick book out called “In Nomine Draconis” by a spanish author. I’m also starting to work through that one, as it varies slightly from Masons.


It is pretty similar with the sigil art and layout… I’m still interested!


According to the ritual, can you do it once or must you always offer your blood? Is their a way you can by pass that especially if you intend to make it your daily practice.

Its totally upto you,
I think if you use blood every time you will get a better connection with the spirit.
As you are connecting your life essence to that vibration/energy on a deeper level.

Most people imagine slicing there hand or arm open every time…
This is stupidity, so get a small lancet used for diabetes on ebay and just do 1 or 2 drops on the sigil…
Easy peezy lemmon breezy, lancet my finger and make me queezy. :wink:

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