Draconian Initiation

If I take Draconian initiation from you, can I become a vampyre through that path? All my life I desired to become a vampyre like those in movies Twilight or Underworld. Is it possible with time and devotion?

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Anyway I’d like to know more about the effects of draconian initiation, because I am thinking about book it.

Draconian path is very individual and it will take you where you should be – i.e. it will help you realize your natural potential in the best way. If your potential for growth lies in vampirism, it’s very likely that the path will present you with opportunities that will help you develop this way. But each experience on the path will change you, and your views and goals will change and evolve as well. So what you seek now may not prove to be the best way for you and the path will make you realize that there are better, more suitable options. But you won’t know that until you’re there. The Draconian path is a path of inner transformation and self-knowledge, and this is how you should approach it – you have to be able to flow with the current and open yourself to what it brings.


Hello there,

I just had a question. I have been on the temple of ascending flame site browsing and getting more and more interested. I ordered and am currently reading The Lucifer Chronicles. I have emailed the site for initiation and just wanted to ask if there was anything else I needed to do to enter in the Draconian path. I am open and very willing to unlock potential and powers that have been either asleep or hidden. I want to converse with Lucifer and the other masks as with the other Daemons and Goddesses alike that lead into the void that leads to self-illumination and self-deification. My name is Scott by the way and I really feel this is my path or at least the start of my path.

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To work with the temple you have to complete the Ascending Flame project and submit your results. Once you get accepted, we will introduce you to the work. In addition you can check out other sources on Draconian magic, like my “Draconian Ritual Book”, Michael Kelly’s “Apophis” and other books in his Draconian series, Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, etc. You’ll find there more information about the current and practical exercises to do on your own.


Are the projects of the Draconian path more ritual based. Energy work based, both or something else.

I’m a silent practicer. I don’t do chanting or implications or incantations in my practice.

I do this for multiple reasons and it works in my favor

Thank you

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They’re first of all very individual, and if you don’t like the ritual approach, you can work with Draconian magic in many other ways. I’ve already explained that in detail in my Draconian Ritual Book, and if the path seems appealing, start with the book please and then feel free to contact me if you still have questions.


I will do that thank you!

Are there plans of turning the “Draconian Ritual Book” into a kindle edition or PDF? I understand not doing it to the “Qlipothic Meditations”, but this one is marketed towards a larger audience.

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Yes, possibly next year.


When i work with lilith and naamah i noticed how my sexual energy can elevate and transform my mindset how can one best approach this to sexuality as a powerful way of initiation and ascension i worked with mother lilith for almost 6 years and she mentioned to me once to know thy self to understand thy self and working with sexual practices has helped me from raising my confidence in myself all the way to cleasing my body but how can it create change in draconian initiation tho?

It seems that your work has already created changes in your “Draconian initiation.” Draconian path is about working with your inner energy, awakening inner powers, and transcending personal barriers. This can be done in many ways and sex magic is one of the tools that are used for harnessing the inner “Dragon energy.” What kind of change are you expecting?


Not as much as a change but a means of understanding myself iv gained so much knowledge threw sex magic with mother lilith but yet i needed a foundation on my path i always get fascinated with different practices and studys of magic but i had no foundation to solidify my path to make it whole is it possible to create such a foundation threw sexuality and a means to understand myself and change in the world around me threw sex magic is a more better question to ask?

Hello Miss Asenath. Firstly I would like to take a moment to thank you emmensely for creating “the Lucifer chronicles” through BALG.
I currently have been working through mask after mask of my patron God Lucifer, and already …I means words cannot describe the magnitude , of how I already have changed and progressed , even as a black magician on the left hand path , I could have never prepared myself for the intricacies of my new awareness and sensitivity towards energy , and my energy bodies.
I have to admitt my experience, is very limited , I have only been taking my practise seriously, passionately, and with dedication for…truthfully wow it will be one year this october.
That being said I do not believe this is my soul/consciousness first time discovering magick or for hat matter the left hand path. I knew I felt I was "home when the pieces began to fit together that formed my decision to change my lifestyle. …
For a long time I lived the life of a drug addict and believed I was no more than damaged goods…
5 different rehab treatment centres , and 2 years at the hardest military academy on planet earth , has allowed me to hold a mirror to my self ( inside and out) many ocxasions, but for a solid 10 years I could not give up the high cost of low living.
I knew soo much about myself and built a personal facade to fool those closest to me and blind the true health lurking beneath my charm and smile.
10 years of suffering ( and harming my peers and family) almost destroyed me many times. But my conviction that I had purpose on this physical realm , drove me to madness, that is untill, I found the left hand path…
Since October I have ascended a vast amount in a short amount of time,
My greatest weakness ( obsession mixd with intelligence , without a proper way to apply to my life or attributes. )
Became my greatest strength when occultism ,spirituality and magick became a part of my life.
My new addiction is the left hand path and learning knowledge and truth that helps me progress down my path.
I have 100% conviction that my Ev lotion as an individual depends on the magickal path I walk…I now have goals and aspirations to become a professional black magician , and i wish to accomplish this , at the beginning of my journy, through the Temple of Ascending flame , and Draconian gnosis. The current has lead me the infernal kingdom, where I will not rest untill I lay my eyes on the throne of thaulmiel.
How may I attain the next step suggested after completing the Lucifer chronicles?
Draconian rites?
Any reply is appreciated.
Thank you.


That depends on what you feel drawn to. I don’t have any follow up book to the Lucifer Chronicles at the moment, but this work is being developed all the time, so possibly another one will be written in the future. If you want to continue working with Lucifer, though, there are other books that you can check out in the meantime. If you’re interested in the Qliphoth, read Qliphothic Meditations. On Amazon you’ll also find an anthology by ToAF “Tree of Qliphoth” which is an introductory work, too.


Just purchased draconian ritual over amazon, next will be qlipothic meditation. Thank you very much as I just starte looking into the website of the Temple of the ascending flame. Lucifer is my patron and will always work with him but I feel drawn to work with other beings as well. Thanks for your time miss Mason. Darkest blessings.


Thank you. I appreciate your interest in my work and hope you’ll find it helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/asenathmason.official/


Thanks soo much,
Darkest blessings
Rory aka.
RowenCain Auroaruss Morningstar​:fire: :smiling_imp::fire:

@Asenath_Mason, thanks you have given me a good news here, am just a beginner and i have just received my 7 days rituals for ascending flames Project

I want to discover myself and I want to know who you are spiritually and psychologically, I don’t care much about the body because it dies and fades quickly.
I contacted the temple and today I received a letter from you with some rituals, I will definitely do it, but I’m a little scared because I’ve never tried such things before.
I will help you open a temple here in North Africa, and future generations will raise the torch of the dragon.