Draconian initiation

I’ve bought your ‘Draconian Ritual book’ and I’ve read about the seven days initiation rite.
My question is:
I need to perform this rite to get into the Draconian Current and then I must perform the seven days rite to get into the ToAF (14 days ritual) or one of them is enough?

If you are interested in working with the ToAF, the first thing you should do is to go the ToAF Internet site. Everything is well explained, and you can contact them to receive the Initial Project. If you find it’s something right for you, you will get a chance to continue with further workings.
So, the answer to your question would be - none of these things.
You don’t have to do anything before you receive the Initial Project, but you will have to complete the project you would receive if you want to get into the ToAF.
Good luck!


The ritual is draconian ritual book is for self initiation, Like Davidsmith said, to join the temple go to their website and send them an email, they’ll send you a preliminary project and then you go from there :slight_smile:


I did a modified version of the book’s initiation process and I don’t have any dealings with the ToAF (too unpredictable and full a schedule as of now) so one is fine.

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To work with the temple you have to do the Ascending Flame project - you’ll receive it via email. The ritual in the DRB can empower your connection to the Draconian current, but it won’t necessarily show that you will profit from the work with the temple. There are many gates to the current, and ToAF is only one of them - to work with us you need to connect specifically with our current, not Draconian current in general, and that can be determined through the workings that you’ll receive from us when applying for membership.