Draconian Implant Removal!?

Hello everyone,

I found this meditation as I was looking for something to do on my twenty minute break. Hoping to find a meditation to bring me closer to my Mon-Tey spirits or Dragon spirits, I found this video of a woman claiming to remove the draconian implant. After a few minutes of listening to her reasoning for this meditation I turned it off because I wasn’t sure if it was something I should partake in being that I am currently studying the draconian path and I don’t want anything to take away from my kundalini rising which is what I think she is implying.

Please someone let me know if I am wrong here is the videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myblP0z-B90&t=210s :man_technologist::sleeping:

I lived being a Draco queen openly and everyone knew about it in my real life and online life. I am still here. Don’t worry about stupid so call implants.

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Really? That sounds so interesting. Did you have a specific order you were apart of? So far I’m familiar with order of apep and dragon rouge as well as temple of ascending flames but I believe that’s more structured towards luciferianism. Which is cool too but I’m really interested in draconian Magick personally.

And so why would she make that video I’m still confused on if she’s on our side or not? Even if she isn’t for draconian Magick and kundalini rising I’m ok with that but it’s just weird to me how someone would want to terminate these abilities.

I just had past live recall as a goddess Queen of the first luke-warm reptilians in the universe. I am 100% loner. I don’t trust anyone.

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Blockquote I understand and definitely respect that, I am very new to all this stuff and I actually decided to start home schooling myself since I’m not in actual college like my peers.

One of my goals is to join a Magick society and even though I do prefer the way of the loner for this path I will probably choose someone to help me as I really want to get good at certain abilities and also unlock certain things Idk if I could on my own.