Draconian chakra results today with LBRP

Thanks to my friend @TheMagi I was shown the draconian chakra meditations and I’ve been doing them for about a week or more now. My throat chakra and my heart chakras are feeling as if they are being squeezed. It’s very uncomfortable. And is getting me sick I also had done the LBRP last night and this pain showed up today. I did the traditional goldan Dawn LBRP. Much to my surprise and discomfort I was hit with this physical feeling of being choked on my throat and shoulders like two people were pushing on each side of the body. I’m unsure as to what this means but I have been thinking about the LBRP for a good week since I started the draconian chakra meditations. I’m attempting to integrate Kundalini rising in the last two weeks as well. I can’t tell if this “sick” feeling on my chakras is a good omen of progress or if it’s because of something else. A good scan would be appreciated if one was so willing to scan me but I’m not pushing it. I’m just shocked at how many different angles and rituals I’m doing at once in a short amount of time


Though I can’t scan you, I will say when I do that mediation I feel amazing for the moment I’m doing it but then an intense sadness will sometimes wash over me. Though there can be some discomfort during it once I get to the crown chakra I feel amazing. After when the sadness hits, it’s almost like I’ve had a realization or I’ve been opened up to a harsh reality though neither of them I can comprehend as I just get sad without knowing why (besides the mediation). May be also a want to feel that energy more and my mind longs for the power I felt.

I feel everyone gets some kind of discomfort physically or mentally at first as it is a kind of awakening. That is only my theory but still.

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Good theory. I have similar experiences once I’m done


I did the Draconian chakra meditation today, its definitely extremely powerful. I did it over an hour ago and I still feel lightheaded