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I got one of those Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, i just wondering does anybody know how to down load photo from a S8 to this forum please.

Hold your thumb on a picture, this opensa drop menu, select “copy photo”. Then, go to the reply box and select your typing cursor and it should ask you to print.

Alternatively, you hold your thumb over a photo and a drop down menu appears. Click “download photo”.

Then, hit the upload button at the bottom right corner of your reply box, and select documents. you should be able to find it.

So i can share the seal i came up with on the forum, in reply i notice download from my device there is no connection from my S8 phone, before i forget im using a PlayStation 4 i tryed activat download from my device and i get a PlayStation 4 message cannot use this feature.

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Anyway thank you for your help, i do have a code


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You can drag and drop on a desktop/;aptop PC, I don’t know that phone but you may be able to drag and drop from wherever your phone stores these?

Or upload it to Photobucket,, any photo hosting site, then paste the filename in, the forum will embed the image.

Test this at:

Pretty please make your next purchase a 2nd-hand Thinkpad and use it for this site, then you can get yourself the courses and not have these problems. :thumbsup:

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Lenovo for the win


I would like to thank @Lady_Eva, @Anastasiya and @ashtkerr for the great help on teaching me to download photos from my Samsung S8 phone to the forum, many thanks.:slight_smile:


Samsung phones are terrible. They are essentially South Korean Apple as far as their marketing strategy and hardware quality are concerned on their smartphones.