Doubts about magick

Hey guys!!!
I heard some people saying magick is just psychology and some say it is supernatural force,magickal force…I want to know the truth what it really is??I am confused about it… please help

Well to be truthful, its both.
Magick is both internal and external, it works on a multitude of different levels and is in itself 100% subjective to the practioner. There is no 100% truth unless you practice and do it yourself, and even then your experience may be similar to anothers, but its always going to be subjective to your view on things. Nobody can tell you a truth but yourself and until you experience something or lack of for yourself then you’ll know.


It really doesn’t matter. Far too many get bogged down in theories and guesses and whatever beliefs they are invested in.

The truth of the matter is, no one really knows. Magick works regardless if you follow a psychological paradigm and believe it is “all in your head” or if you follow a spirit paradigm and believe its"all out there."

Choose whichever paradigm you, personally, feel drawn to and work your magick through that. However, never mistake your beliefs for capital-T Truth like so many do, because you will find that other people who believe differently can still work magick just fine.


Truth is we don’t know. We just know when u follow a set of steps, things happen which don’t fit in with conventional logic or rational scientific thought.

I for one think its neither supernatural or psychological, but technological…someone may yet still point to explanations I didn’t list…as a species we are too dumb to figure it out right now…if anyone says they have, they are trying to sell ya something.

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