Doubts about invocation

Hello to all.
At the time I realized that invocation is an inward oriented practice to gain the powers/characteristics of an entity, but I still have questions:
1- The changes obtained will be permanent or at least long-lasting?
2- Is it true that demons, even if “famous”, aren’t recommended for an invocation, mainly for beginers?
3- Is it possible to invoke an entity without developed astral senses?
4- A skill obtained in this way can affect the physical body?

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I personally don’t believe any entity is for “beginners” and others are for “adept” practitioners. Any spirit can be a “beginner” spirit if you vibe well enough to be able to work with them. Sure some spirits might be better for certain tasks but that doesn’t make them more or less of a beginner entity…

What changes are you looking for…? Invocation is a way to call the spirits energy from within instead of calling the spirit to you externally like evocation is. If you want changes, that’s up to you working with said spirit to achieve those and how permanent or long-lasting a change is will depend on the spirit, you, and what you want specifically.

Yes, but you won’t be able to sense them.

Yes, but not like Hollywood.

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Well, the changes I’m looking for are connected with myself being like increase some skills like speed up language learning process or increase physical endurance(Clearly, I’m not speaking about foolish things like install a language matrix style or become a superhero).

I give you an example, if I invoke a healing spirit, could I obtain its power to cure myself?

You could learn from the spirit, but it’s not like your going to get super healing powers. If you want to cure something, it might take work and practice to be able to energetically influence your body to energetically heal yourself. Energy work can be subtle but it can also have a big impact.

Yes, spirits can help you with these but it’s not going to be them doing it for you. For example, if you contact Belial to increase your physical endurance, he’ll most likely expect you to do some form of cardio workout or other form of exercise while he helps on a energetic level. It’s through the combined effort that you would see progress. Same goes for learning new languages.

Yes, I have clear in mind that hard work is still necessary, indeed I just want to achieve maximum performance in aspects of my life in which I am already training.
Thank you for your answers :blush:

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The qualities obtained through invocation will only last as long as the invocation. Traditionally, the point of invocation was to act as the spirit not to gain skills for yourself. When you want to take on a specific quality or trait, you will need to invoke consistently for it to become a permanent part of you.

Generally, yes, because demons are well known to be difficult to control if you don’t know what you’re doing and they don’t always leave when asked to (and for anyone who want to claim otherwise, there are plenty of sources where you can find stories where they stick around unwanted).

Yes, but you won’t get much out of it.

No, an invocation will mainly affect your subtle body. However, what affects your subtle body will eventually manifest in the physical though it won’t be immediate.

Look into the Golden Dawn practice of Assuming the Godform to see how invocation is done.

Ok thanks for reply.
Just another question (if you are so kind to answer me) what’s your opinion about Roman/Greek gods invocation? From a safety perspective

The Greek and Roman deities are relatively safe for beginners.

Understood, thanks a lot