Doubt about the order of evocations in EE for Ascent

So I was discussing with another member the Ascent Evocations that are suggested in EE… The 4 Angels and the 4 Archdemons …

I thought, since I read EE for the first time, that one should choose wether to use te archangels or demons for the purpose of ascent… now a member of the forum has made me notice that the whole deal of the book is to start with the angels and then with the demons

I have clear idea that the recommended evocations in the book are to be performed to master the skill, because a sorcerer/magician/EmbryoGod should be able to conjure any class ofspirit and command them

nontheless, my doubt is about the ascent purposes… should it be worked with angels AND demons… or angels OR demons?

can anyone that has crossed that bridge help me to clarify that

thanks, gracias totales, ubrigado

I would say work with all if them Angels, Demons, and Elementals. They all have different perspectives and can help you in your ascent. Who you start out with is up to you. I would recommend divination to help you find out who to start out with.

After all if you are to become a God you will need what only angels can teach, what only demons can teach, and what only elementals can teach.

thanks Orismen

the advice is greaty appreciated

There is ascent and decent, choose your path wisely. They end with the same goal, but decent takes a greater toll on you, decent makes you question everything, but the lessons learned are far greater in value.