Doubt about Master Curse

I really love the detail and rituals from Gordon Winterfield’s books however it can be a little confusing to follow.

To perform the Master Curse are we supposed to do the Opening Ritual first? And if I have already started the Master Curse without performing the ritual what do I do now? Start from day 1 or keep going with performing the Opening Ritual first? Or is the Opening Ritual not needed? I went back again to try to understand but the explanation is very confusing.

Thank you


Anyone can help me out please? :confused:

I’ve no clue about this course… but, I wonder, why aren’t you contacting the one who sold you the course? Btw, you did mean “course” and not “curse”… right?

No, I believe he’s talking about the Master Curse in Gordon Winterfield’s book Magical Attack.

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shrugs ok… obviously I have no clue… lol … thought it may be an option to try to contact the creator / author though :wink:

Gordon Winterfield’s book Magical Attack has a curse called The Master Curse. Of course, it says you should have read the previous material in this book first.
All I can say is follow the instructions and wait for any results that may happen.

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I would say read the book from beginning to end. Don’t skip pages or skip sections as the info previous is related to the instructions. Follow the instructions exactly. It seems pretty clear to me unless your skipping parts and going straight to the master curse.

From my understanding. the opening ritual is only for section 3 spells .

The sigil already have angels name for protection on master curse.

However, the ritual to wield power is said to be done before all rituals as it’s the ritual that allow you to command demons//angels. It’s written that you know it’s safe that demons will obey you after u do this ritual and ready to do any ritual spell in the book.

I just went straight to the spell and did ritual to wield power once on first day… Maybe that’s why i’m not sure i’m getting results as they don’t listen to me for not doing the ritual to wield power. . lol haha. See it’s good to reread instructions to remind self to not skip steps.

If u skip days, just continue til you do all 12. dont’ have to start over. You can if u want. With magick. you can redo. =o)

remember, opening ritual is different from wield to power ritual.

Good luck on your curse. I hope the target deserves it like those of my target.


I did read the whole book, I even made notes on a Word document and printed everything into a folder so I have everything I need so I make no mistakes but I really think the “What to do” before the Master Curse chapter isn’t clear…

Thank you, I hope this works too because the target really ruined my life in more ways than I even thought he did.

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don’t separate the chapters . That’s what your doing which makes it unclear. All sections before section 3 is part of the instructions. If you just look at section 5 where master curse is and end relationship curse ,it’s incomplete info as you need all sections information before section 3 as it give you the needed info mindset before doing magick. section 5 alone is incomplete. You need all information in section 1-3 and even the intro before section one.

That’s the issue with many readers. They just go to the spell when you need all the basic info that is explained before it. Go reread everything before section 3. again. Very important

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