Well @Laith_wavey, true to my word, I invoked Belial and his 130 legions. That is give or take 650,000 entities.

I feel them crawling in my skin. Feel sick to my stomach, feel hot and cold and still and buzzing.

I saw Belial on my ceiling. Well, his head. His horns were massive, and his smile as devious as ever.

Im making this thread to keep track of the stupid numbers I invoke and see if anyone else wants to keep their records here :slight_smile:


Did you invoke them all intentionally or did they just came with Belial together? As in ‘I’m invoking Belial! - oh nooo 650,000 entities entered with him’
(No offense :kissing_heart: )


When Belial opens up towards the sorcerer,
the sorcerer start’s to notice his following along his kingship.



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Nah I called em all to be invoked lol


:face_with_monocle: now what have you learned from this energy lunacy? :thinking:

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That its fun as hell and I can handle a lot. It also helped me use Belial’s traits personally


Sorry, but i GOT to pull that joke:



:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sinc evilgrin


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The fuck bra! You’z a fool wit it

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Honestly compared to this the Lake of Fire felt like not much. Just falling.

Time to invoke more serious beings

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More serious beings?.. There’s a fellow I know by the name of Eb. He is the lord of sorrow. This isn’t a pop trigger hallucination. Eb is a very real very alive being. I’ve performed reverse possession with him and entered his body. In his body I felt his heart and mind with me. I saw through his eye’s and felt through his body but he remained in control ans reveales a very dramatic scene to me.

I saw myself drifting in a vast dark empty expance. In thw distance we saw a light. Surrounding the light were humans in black robs. They used mirrors to corner the light in a circle which caused the light to violently shake and turn red. I felt Eb’s compassion for the tiny light but he was not able to get to it swiftly enough. When the black robed ones saw us coming, they gasped in shock and then used knives to slice their own throats open to escape Eb. One of them spoke up before he killed himself and said, “Oh my god, he is real.”

Eb is a dark skinned being with a very muscular form including large leathery black wings. He can often be found(if you can find him…) on barren planets overlooking wide stretches of wasteland. Eb is also called, the Wanderer on the wastes but he is lord and keeper of the deepest sorrow.

This isn’t lore I made up. Eb appeared to me. He was part of a union of demonized rebels who fought against the Universalist Continuum. I call them the demonic Kings but their formal band’s name are the Avastu Elai’Ehkum Ebiphanny. That means, “The kings who in God’s sight are not.”

Imagine lifetimes of barbary, betrayal, suffering, toil, war, endless crude primal war… when there were no rules of engagement and armies competed over who might cause the other to fear then. Thus the times of Eb were among the cruelest in Earth’s history. To know Eb is to know the screams of thousands of innocents being slaughtered. Amd tens of thousands of soldiers locked in snarling bloodlust, hardly human at all… imagine lifetime after lifetime finding love and a family only to see them brutalized, enslaved, and killed. That is why he stares down upon wastelans, ancient battle fields. For centuries Eb might be perched on a rock fixated upon the dust reliving battle after battle, kill after kill, and death after death… Eb is not a glorious king with grand company. Eb has slain companies and devoured the flesh of kings. Who can know the sorrow of Eb? #sorrowofeb



In all seriousness, I got similar feelings when I do heavy energywork.


He sounds like a being I know of. I may be invoking him

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