Don't sleep on Saturn

When you think about manifesting large sums of money using planetary magick, I feel like everyone turns to Venus or Jupiter. So, I just want to give a shout out to Saturn because I am literally still in shock by how this planet greatly exceeded my expectations! I cannot believe the amount of money that showed up!

So, I just discovered magick about 2 yrs ago (just before the pandemic started) and I was intrigued. I decided to try to manifest money but I was not ready to try to interact w/ an entity. So, I started looking into planetary magick and of course I was instructed to reach out to Venus and/or Jupiter BUT the next day was Saturday, so I’d have to wait an entire week to do my 1st ritual.

I’m very impatient.

So, I continue learning and discovered Saturn is great for banishing and binding. Instead of waiting a week I decided to do a ritual to banish my debt. Well, a couple days ago I received a letter stating that specific debt ( almost 100k) is going to be completely taken care of!!! It only took 2 years!!! I am so happy and thankful. I can’t say that I actually thought that $100,000 debt would ever go away. Now, I can actually keep the money I make at work.


Fun Fact: After my 1st ritual, the following Thursday and Friday, I also petitioned Venus and Jupiter to bring me money…I’m still waiting…

I was pleasantly surprised that Saturn was the 1st to help. Not only that but it was a two part request. 1. Banish that loan 2. Remove all obstacles in-between me and my money. A couple weeks after I performed that 1st ritual, I unexpectedly received a couple thousand that was owed to me. So my petition has been completed fulfilled. SATURN KICKS ASS!!! If you want to get rid of the chains that bind and hold you back Saturn would be the one I’d call.

:star_struck:THANK YOU SATURN :star_struck:


Very nice! While Saturn rules over poverty, and causes the loss of wealth and destruction of business, he is also the Highest of the Planets (as per Planetary Spheres), he is also associated with Power. So, there is at least one traditional Saturn Talisman that brings wealth.

Although I don’t understand why Venus is so often called on for wealth. I can only think of one traditional text which uses a Talisman of Venus that provides wealth. Rather, Jupiter and Mercury primarily rules over wealth, as does the Sun, and Saturn has some power over it.

Very creative way to petition Saturn! Glad you had such success.


Thank you :grin:

Now that I think about it, that makes a lot of sense. Saturn causes loss. If used to remove/bind obstacles, enemies, and weaknesses…that would result in becoming a very powerful person. If you have any recommendations for literature, I’d be interested to learn more about Saturn.


Badass work. Also shows the power of planetary magick. Amazing man, I am fascinated. All the more to you!


Thank you :grin:

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