Don't make my mistake beginners

In the early point in my occult career i was very intrigued by possession because of how cooled it looked and sounded. I was especially interested in the animalistic aspects of it. I was also a big fan of serial killer films. This was a recipe for disaster as you will see later. So one day i decided to go through the list of demons from V.K Jehannums site. Even though there were many suitable ones i could experiment with, i made the dumbest decision ever and chose the very lord of darkness himself, Satan.

Call it carelessness, call it stupidity. i don’t think i took demons seriously at the time. I respected them yes, but i did not have a thorough understanding of their energies.

At that time i was just a novice, my senses were not on point and i had not really done an actual evocation of any demon in my life. Stupid! :man_facepalming: Actually, the only natural gift i had was astral travel.

So i went to V.k’s invocation chants of Satan and performed it i think 4 times over a duration of 2 weeks.

One day, i woke up in the morning but i was not able to sleep so i decided to masturbate so that my body can get tired and i can be able to enter a trance. Usually when this happens i attempt to perform astral projection but something told me that i should call Satan. So i did…Satan! Satan! Satan! and to my surprise, i felt some pressure on my balls, like it was being squeezed by some force. It was sort of painful but pleasurable at the same time. This force made its way on my solar plexus area and shot up with unimaginable power all the way to my face.

When it hit my face it was like an explosion of energy and for a moment i was no longer me, but some sort of beast. It was like my body had an outer covering of the beast. I growled like an animal i cannot describe. It was not a lion or bear and i had to search the internet for the best sound that could mimic that roar. It sounded more like this.

It was as if there were two people in my body. A beast and me. But at the same time, it was as if i was those two people. It is just that the one that was growling had an almost sentient consciousness separate from mine. But i could sense that i was both. It is so confusing. The sound was happening in the astral realm but at the same time my physical body was moving. i was in a light trance and i felt very heavy and before i could arise i stopped the possession immediately because i felt that i could wake up my parents. When i came to my mundane senses, i found myself upright with my mouth open and eyes wide as if i had been growling in the physical plane. All this happened in a span of 5 seconds.

Although this was the coolest thing ever, the residual effects it had on me were not something to smile about and were quite challenging to deal with. For almost a year, i had to deal with murderous and sadistic urges (yes urges, not thoughts…please google the difference) and it was slightly affecting me. Imagine one day going about your normal routines, pouring a very hot cup of coffee in a mug for your friend or family and having this intense urge of splashing it on their faces. Maybe cutting vegetables with a knife and having this intense urge to stab whoever is close by. I think the worst one i every had was when i was on top of a roof with my friend and bro as we were checking out our neighbors dogs. One of the dogs was a rottweiler and it was barking aggressively at us. My bro knelt down close to the edge of the roof to check it out and i had this intense urge to kick him off the roof. I will not name any others.

But here is the final verdict guys. Please please, whatever you do…do not attempt invoke the big boys unless you are ready. Actually, be careful with the intention you have, because you will get what u ask for. This is why we have infernal initiations, which are a step by step process of reintegrating various aspects of your psyche systematically.
Because you might awaken some aspect of your psyche that you are not ready to deal with.

Believe me once aspects of your psyche are awakened, they can never be shut away. You will just have to find ways to deal with it.

Though i will not regret the decision i made, since it opened up other opportunities in my life, i was a fool who decided to ignore the warnings of the adepts and go my own way. You have been warned.


This topic, is free for everyone to come and share the dumb mistakes too :joy:


“tell him to try again.”

by Lucifer




Oh my good green goddess, that took some balls, literally! I have made some mistakes before, but have never asked Lord Satan to possess me, but I know what it’s like to be possessed, and you described it to a t. Live and learn.


One of these days, since this has inspired me, I will post the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in the lhp lol. My hat’s off to you tho. I’m not mocking you one bit, that took some real courage, may have been a mistake, but we are supposed to learn from them. Kudos!


I went straight into invocation as a beginner as well, using his chants and rituals.
I almost lost my mind, but I believe my practice drew out what was already inside of me and forced me to deal with it once and for all because it was right in front of my face and I could no longer hide from it.
I suffered for a year. I’m just now coming out of it and my life has changed drastically in all the best ways.
I don’t regret it at all.


Thank you for sharing this, it takes guts to share when something goes wrong, and I hope that many newer magicians will read this and take your experience on board! :+1:


I think that the failures are far more instructive than the successes if you take the time to analyze them. But I wouldn’t call this a failure. Maybe just biting off more than you can chew.

I had the urge to smack someone in the face with a shovel once. I can relate. Having Belial behind my eyes for several days was instructive.


I don’t see how this is a mistake on your part. A bit bold perhaps, but not a mistake.

If people knew about all of my experiences many would probably call me reckless or in too deep, but for me that’s just how I do it. You can beat around the bush and try to keep the demons at arm’s length, but sooner or later they’ll bring out these parts of yourself and in the meantime they will affect you subconsciously in ways that you may not want. Better to bring this sort of material up to the surface where you can deal with it consciously, in my opinion.

And if you feel the need to follow in the exact footsteps of some self-proclaimed “adepts” and obey their every directive, perhaps demons like Satan and Lucifer aren’t for you.

It wouldn’t be unleashing the inner beast if the experience were tame and deemed “acceptable” by normal society.


I’ve done almost every single Magickal cock-up possible. Really terrible results I won’t go into. Bad stuff.

Beware The Lesser Headless Ritual!



I’m in a similar situation lol


No mistake but a scary experience. So in a big black badement a long mirtor were i tink i draw some rare seals. I tnk qlipoth. Well invoke, and boom a dense cloud stare fulling the basent then a insect. Then hindres around me. Tink the mommy movie then the cloud or mist turn red, but red as a lightb. Clearly i can see red air around me insects. To tis day i wonder wat i did wrong. Since i was into the abbysm steps. I was young, and have like 6 years of experience… I was scare, sad. Confuse. Well im still a little but not tat much.


Yeah i forgot to mention that this thing happened to me for good reasons.
It made me realize that i had to learn how to love myself and let go of my shame. Yes i agree that it is not really a mistake but i am just notifying people to be prepared in case they decided to summon very powerful forces. Not that they will lead you to destroy yourself, but they will show you what you need to fix. Even if it is terrifying. Like i for one, did not know what was wrong with me for a year until later on when i decided to get to the bottom of it. I thought i was turning into a psychopath. People just need to be vigilant and deal with the situation before they start wondering if they are going insane :sweat_smile:. That is all i am saying. Again, i do not regret shit!

Actually after this occurence happened i had started receiving various empowerments. One of them happened in a dream.

In this dream i was in a dry and desolate place. It seemed like i was in another planet because the clouds above me were greenish. In front of me, i saw a black briefcase floating in the sky. Something told me that i needed to get a hold of it but it was surrounded by some dark hooded figures. I was still confident in myself and i decided to walk towards it but as i got closer and closer i noticed a few creatures running around. They were not creatures of this realm and it is hard to explain how they looked like. But anyway, one of the creatures approached me and i tried to ignore it and tried to walk forward but then it had different intentions and decided to attack me. Before i could even think of fighting back 10 more approached me and decided to run away but everywhere i went i was surrounded by these creatures. I sensed that i was about to be devoured and in the midst of fear, i felt something inside of me that wanted to be unleashed. I did not hesitate, in a second my form changed in the beast that i originally was in my previous possession experience. It was like there was a part of me that was piggyback riding and the other was the beast. Funny thing, i was both of them :rofl:. I slashed and teared the creatures to shred with my claws. Many feared as they saw this unfold to their kind and tried to run away but i pursued them. The tables had turned now. I killed hundreds and i had the energy of fucking ray gun. My roar shook the very ground i stood upon.

After the killing spree, i leaped to the sky to take the briefcase but i was not able to because of the figures. I tried to slash them but i was pushed away by some force…

But anyway as you can see, that part of my shadow helped me.

@shinri Btw, it is not that i am blindly following the instructions of adepts. Trust me, i don’t even upto date :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:I am just saying that they do give warnings (which i saw before i decided to do it) and it is just there to prepare for what is coming. Because if let’s say for example i told a beginner to jump straight into Daath without receiving the initial empowerment what do you think might happen? I think the term dead man walking would take a new meaning. Also relying on these forces as magic lamps outside of self will also lead to self-destruction. Because at the end of the day they are within self. So, it is wise for beginners to take in the warnings and advice because you will need them.

So my mistake was invoking a spirit without knowing what it would unleash and not taking the time to understand what was happening within later on as @Faustus mentioned. This happened long ago and I did not know that Satan was helping me. Now that is dangerous and can lead to self-destruction or rather program the mind for future failure. So the thing is some beginners may not know this because of lack of study and look at magick as some sort of fun wishy washy thing like i did. This advice was meant for such people. This shit is real.


Yes, i happily agree with that :smile: they are instructive. Imagine being possessed by the lord of darkness himself as your first demonic encounter…hehe, worth a good story to tell :smile:

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I did the NAP version of this ritual and after scanning myself I saw a dark/purple figure with glowing white eyes. :thinking:

For sure, there is absolutely value in learning from those who have come before us. My comment wasn’t really directed at you so much.

I just like to try and be a little stylish sometimes for all the readers back home. It’s pretty fun.

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@MagickVigilante With all due respect who are you? Are you able to channel King Lucifer?

:smile: yeah i think there was some miscommunication there

Nietzsche was so right.:joy::joy::sob::sob::sob: