Don't know where to look to find who is right

So, I follow someone on social media who made some videos about another person in the same spiritual “field” I guess. I say I guess because one sells one thing while the other sells something different while both provide spiritual services.

Anywho, So the 1st one made a video saying the 2nd was working with demonic entities, thus pulling people in to there product in unhealthy ways. Now, my 1st question is from what I’ve learned so far, ‘as above, so below’, so saying someone is working with a lower level demon doesn’t necessarily mean BAD to me. Her examples included seeing raw meat as an offering.

The 2nd individual is open that they work with many different gods, spirits, etc. So, how do I take situations like this being so naive myself?

If you read ALL of that-I appreciate you, and you’re wonderful to me!


I don’t understand what rhe question is here?
are you wanting services from one or the other and don’t know who to choose?


I think I know which situation you’re talking about, but I’m not gonna assume directly that it is what I’m thinking it is.

Best thing to? Steer clear from it unless you’re directly involved with it or if you’re planning to buy a service go with your gut. If person 2 is the one with more experience talking about person 1 with less experience, I’d definitely go with person 2 because no matter how much business it has, I’ve found people in the occult look out for each other.

Steer clear, else go with your gut, but do not go in blindly if it’s in regards to your safety.

And if it is the situation I’m thinking about, then I’m personally away from it all. I’m an empath and the whole thing made me drained and nauseous.

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Thanks for asking…neither. My question is if one person warns me to stay away from another (as in this case), reasons being the ones they gave, is that valid or just opinion?

I hope I made it more clear…

Thank you and I have no personal investment. More so just curious of what is the underlying truth there.

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It’s only an opinion. It’s really no different than what you find on this forum. We all give our opinions on spirits and magick based on our own experience, but no one’s is more “valid” than another’s. It’s always good to look at things from multiple perspectives, though, and then make your own informed decision.


I was just making sure, this was my initial feeling. Thanks for your words.

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If person one is saying Demons = evil therefore anyone who uses them is bad, that should already loose some credibility with you because they haven’t done their homework on this stuff. Person two at the very least seems versatile and enlightened to the facts of occultism…so I would go with person two if i were forced to pick one


I tend to be amused by people who are so afraid of demons. It’s often good to see multiple perspectives, but if someone hasn’t ever summoned a demon, then they really have no goddamned clue what they are talking about when it comes to demons.

You don’t have to summon demons yourself if you don’t want to, but be wary of the useless pattering of the ignorant.


I don’t want to make assumptions but it seems you’re new to all this.
The best way is to follow yourself, all people have their ideology, some are stuck in a box, others are more broad minded, though more often than not, falsehoods are what are circulated, based on ideology, especially in competition.
I’ve seen those out there claiming “love and light” and working expressly with symbolism, beings and (stereotype) opposite behaviours. Likewise, I’ve seen people claiming broad mindedness and yet operating exclusively from one ideology. So really the best way to avoid naivity, is you’re own way and not to take everyone’s opinion or view, as the be all and end all. :slight_smile:

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