Don't Hold Me! Yes! Money!

I have done lots of money spell and most of them have worked. But today’s spell worked within minutes!!! I have used an incantation I found on this forum and it has always worked but today’s own was intense.

First, I meditated on Fehu rune until everywhere became blurry. Immediately after, I chanted the incantation until my throat almost got soar because of the throat chakra which usually gets over active while chanting.

I meditated on Fehu sigil again before closing the ritual.

Within an hour, money!!! Moneey!! dinero got manifested!!!

Though I don’t take money as the solution to my problems, in fact I don’t pursue money maybe this mentality aided the spell.

I don’t know who posted the incantation, but here it is:

Jasof nengreda itshcu tabla riol tesch adjron draj nuiz desca tol/
Ni-najet asol mongo tufe itz crole saju lamba ni-orco streh ambo-tu/
Mangat-so I’tunshe nahgra maak su to neh ha

Very potent!!!


This incantation is from Demon Fastos. Fasto’s a grand demon in Ea Koetting’s The Kingdom of Flames


Wow, the incantation works well!!