Don't eat spirit food rofl

A while back I had an experience with my offerings to Beelzebub. I wanted to evoke him inside of my circle and communicate with him through a Ouija Board. The reason for this was because there were several people involved in this operation. Well anyways I made an offering to him. It was a bottle of Amberboch and a few slices of fresh italian bread. I had 5 candles around our circle, which they all were black besides the devil effigy candle that was red with his sigil carved into it.

After I did the incantation the effigy candle appeared to have been kicked across the circle by an invisible force. Everyone one was scared but I convinced them to continue. We had a tape recorder for evps on at the time and proceeded to as questions through the Ouija Board. I had asked if he enjoyed the beer and when I later reviewed the voice recorder a really guttural raspy voice said “it’s good”. There was more weird thing that happened and that was after he departed. The room became infested with beetles. These bugs were everywhere and they were coming out of everything. It was a very surreal experience.

Afterwards, I decided to try the offering to see if there were any obvious changes to it. The bread had gone stale and hard after only being out for a little more then an hour and when I tasted the beer it tasted like piss. lol, it was fucking gross. So yeah all in all I wont be making that mistake again.

So yeah all in all I wont be making that mistake again. << :slight_smile: I do find there seem to be 3 types of reactions (I seem to kind of like grouping things to categorize):

offerings that go weird-off as you mention (may not be bad, but definitely change in an obvious way),

second- offerings that dont’ seem different at all… and

third- things that may not seem changed, but if you injest (even taste, let alone just leave around- being in proximity to them) you feel an impact-influence. (if directed to have, could be a way of receiving the resonance, and whether doing that per direction/communication with the Entity(s) involved, or without asking… I recall having a liquid that seemed to taste mostly the same, although there was a bit of a mind-haze from the Rite anyway and seemed no-big deal, but then 20mins or so later suddenly noticed an extreme shift in consciousness (like suddenly have shots-kick in… with the feeling of a concussion, and vertigo thrown in) sort of rise up, like woah- where did this come on. (not sure if it was sudden affect, or if it had been gradually phasing-in… but it was just recognized all-at-once).

So anyway- back to the 3 types (there could be other types) of those, I wonder if it is types of Rites that makes the difference, or Entity(s) to, or substance(s) given? - a concept of leaving-food on altar (how long? and then after do what with it? garbage/compost it/bury it… or?) and if makes a difference (ie some recommend ea 24hrs, leave a meal, and then replace with new one and toss the prior out… if changed sooner- if it was “used” in say 10hrs… then +14hrs it had sat on “altar” used-up… so better if it had been removed, even if not replaced? I know there are different Traditions, as well as Divination/Comm with Entities involved (this being an Issue I haven’t worked with myself, so I haven’t looked into it).